You know it is a serious issue when experts from the mattress brand Vono are trying to solve gamer’s neck and back pains with their new products.

Vono SpinePro Plus 1

Sitting for extended hours is bad for everyone and those who sit for that long that is normally not part of their jobs are definitely fellow gamers. According to the Vono Gamers Wellbeing Feedback, 88% of respondents sit more than 2 hours per day with 3 of them reaching more than 8 hours and that’s detrimental to the overall health as prolonged seated position could increase the risk of things like heart disease and high blood pressure alongside the main issue for today – body aches associated to the neck and back parts where 90% of respondents are having right now. Gamers also have less than average sleep time with 86% of participants stating that they sleep for 6 hours or less every day with 26% of them having insomnia while poor sleeping patterns also contributed to the less than optimal sleep time requirement.

Vono SpinePro Plus Featured

Here’s where the new Vono SpinePro Plus series mattress comes in. Inspired by the Japanese Seigaiha Design that carries the meaning of power and resistance, the mattress unit carries the Anti-Static Knitted Fabric that effectively discharges body static that results in more restful deep sleep periods, less tossing and turning with different variants carrying different mechanical parts for a specific purpose such as the 1200’s Pocketed Intalok Springing System or 800’s Intalok Springing
System that enforces sturdy support with body movement isolation and durability for a comfortable sleep on top of lumbar support and Silverguard that naturally repels against smell for better hygiene – all build into a superior carbon steel frame that contains 2x more spring count than an ordinary mattress for full body-to-toe support.

Pricing and Availability

The Vono SpinePro Plus is now acquirable from participating stores nationwide starting at the price of RM2,518 with up to 50% promotion discount. Additionally, for each purchase, buyers are entitled to get some freebies including mattress protectors, pillow, and limited-edition Japanese plate.


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