Since COVID-19 has forced everyone to adopt home-based activities ranging from education and entertainment to professional work and social bonding, internet connectivity plays a much more impactful role than ever. While mobile data can be convenient but it is not as reliable as home fiber broadband. Therefore, Unifi is here to encourage non-home broadband users to try out their Unifi Home service.

Unifi Home service

New users are eligible for a free 30-day trial when they sign up for Unifi Home broadband plans and you may stop the service afterward without any hassle while Wi-Fi mesh networks are available for installment should you need them for larger coverage or solving dead zone issues around your household.

There is a clear difference between Wi-Fi extenders and mesh networks, which you can learn more by clicking here. We have previously reviewed a Wi-Fi mesh router here, too.

Get more information regarding the Unifi Home broadband plans here. You can quickly sign up online at or by dialing “100”.


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