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Mouse bungees has been around since 1998, back when Quake was quite a phenomenon in the gaming scene. Gamers used mouse bungees to keep the mouse cord managed for better gaming experience; without the mouse cord getting in the way, it’s as if they’re using a wireless mouse.
Huge thanks to Play Interactive for sending us  a ROCCAT Apuri review unit as the star of today’s unboxing and review. Without any further adieu, let’s see what kind of features does the ROCCAT Apuri offers and see if it’s worth of its MSRP of 129.00MYR.  

Technical Specifications and Features
  • Active USB hub – including AC adapter and four fully powered ports
  • Zero-drag mouse bungee – guarantees unrestricted movement
  • Your desktop assistant – for device and cable management
  • Direct port access – connect any USB device so it’s within reach
  • Passive USE possible – thanks to the supplied USB cable
  • Secure and stable stand – with ROCCAT-style blue glow
  • Part of SDMS – organise your desktop

  • Size (approx W x L): 130 mm x 65 mm
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows OS (XP and above) / Mac OS X
  • 4 x high-speed USB 2.0 ports
  • Output power active (using AC adapter): 2A
  • Output power passive (using USB cable): 500mA
  • Length of USB cable: 1.5 m
  • Length of Power cable: 1.5 m
  • Detachable mouse bungee
  • 3 LEDs (top) and under-lighting
  • Stable tripod design
Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 3

The ROCCAT Apuri comes in a sleek black box with a transparent plastic covering the front that allows buyers to get a glance of the actual product.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 5

At the back of the box, we can find a more thorough description on the features of the product itself.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 7

Some illustration on the highlighted features of the ROCCAT Apuri is depicted at the left of the box.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 9

A brief description of ROCCAT SDMS (a.k.a Smart Desktop Management System) and technical specifications are on the right side of the box.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 11

What do you get right out of the box?

  • ROCCAT Apuri
  • PC Adapter 
  • Mini USB to USB cable
  • Quick Installation Guide

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 13

The ROCCAT Apuri’s appearance resembles a robot scorpion at first glance, aesthetically pleasing to the eye.                                          

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 15

The top of the tripod body has a ROCCAT logo printed in grey, accompanied by 3 blue coloured LED on each sides.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 17

The mouse bungee is detachable, which is an ideal design for gamer who travels around with their peripherals.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 19

The USB hub body has a total of 4 active USB ports ( 2 at the front edge and 2 at the right edge ) , allowing up to 4 USB devices to be plugged in simultaneously.
Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 21

A jack for the power adapter and a mini USB port is found on the left edge. The USB hub works without the power adapter, but with limited device support as the power supplied only from the USB port where the mini USB to USB cable is plugged to wouldn’t be sufficient to support those extra devices. With the adapter to supply the extra power, more devices may be supported to a certain extent.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 23

The bottom of the ROCCAT Apuri has 3 large rubber feet that keeps it planted firmly on your desk with the combination of the tripod structure which is already very stable at the first place.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 25

The illuminated ROCCAT logo at the bottom of Apuri as soon as the power adapter and mini USB to USB cable is plugged in.
Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 27
The USB ports is illuminated in blue as well, pretty convenient for those who often work or game in the dark to find the proper direction to plug in their USB devices.
Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 29
Installation was a breeze and no worries of damaging your braided mouse cord all thanks to the soft rubber made mouse bungee.
User Experience
As a mouse bungee, the ROCCAT Apuri is very stable compared to the traditional mouse bungee that we’re currently using. It doesn’t slip or tilt easily during large intense movements compared to the traditional mouse bungee, but one thing is that the pulling force from the traditional mouse bungee spring arm feels more solid – we prefer that more.

The USB hub have some limitations in terms of power that we’ve experienced. Without the power adapter, it is only able to support both standard USB keyboard and mouse, but any USB storage devices that requires extra power i.e: external hard drives will not work. With the power adapter plugged in, it can support the 2 external hard drives we have ( Western Digital My Book USB 2.0 1TB ) as well as our USB keyboard and mouse. However, transfer speeds for the external hard drives are greatly affected due to the limited bandwidth.


  • Eye pleasing design and LED illumination
  • Stable tripod design with rubber feet to further enhance the grip to your desk
  • Detachable mouse bungee for the ease of travel
  • Has a built in USB hub that supports up to 4 USB device
  • Comes with a power adapter to supply extra power for the USB hub
  • Illuminated USB ports for easier USB plug in when you’re in a dark or low light environment
  • Easy to install and zero worries of damaging mouse cord


  • Pricey
  • Comes in only one design
  • Rubberized surface is a dust magnet

The ROCCAT Apuri is a worthy product that scores the Tech Critter Silver Award and Recommended Award.

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Apuri 31


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