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Sometimes, the PC in the lab doesn’t need a monster rig. Yup, this one goes to the people who would need a sleek or small systems. Problem is that smaller systems tend to get quite toasty, especially on the CPU, as it may not be designed to be ‘airy’ so to speak. One solution is to get an efficient CPU cooler but one small enough to dissipate all the heat effectively, hence, we’re back with another Noctua product! Say hello to the NH-U9S, a 95mm U-Type Tower cooler. (SRP @ RM295)


Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 3

    The Packaging

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 5

    The NH-U9S comes packed in Noctua’s traditional white & brown cardboard box which displays the model, type and features on the front.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 7

    More features can be seen on the left side.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 9

    While the right side describes the heatsink and fan specifications as well as what’s in the box.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 11
    Here is another chance to learn a new language at the back 😉 here is Noctua’s story of how the NH-U9S came to be.
    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 13

    Finally at the top, a repeat of the contents.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 15

    Since the NH-U9S only comes with a single fan, Noctua has been kind enough to supply another NF-A9 so that we could maximize the cooling potential.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 17

    The inner flap describes the technology of the fan while the contents are described on the other side with windowed view of the actual fan and rubber mounts.


    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 19

    You’ll get 2 smaller packages inside, a flat rectangular one that contains the mounting hardware and other accessories.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 21

    And an open ended packaging with the heatsink and fan. Kudos to Noctua for using environmentally friendly materials, let’s get them out of there.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 23

    Here are all the accessories, very much similar to other Noctua coolers I’ve unboxed here in Tech Critter. Nice that they kept it as a standard.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 25

    Just a quick unboxing of the extra fan, quite a package considering the various splitters and connectors accompanying the fan.

    The Cooler

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 27

    Out of the box, the cooler is rather small at only 125mm tall, which will fit nicely in tight enclosures such as the BitFenix Pandora.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 29

    You can see the capped ends of the 5 heatpipes at the top with Noctua’s stamp at the top. That little hole at the center? it’s for increasing the mounting pressure via the screw right above the baseplate.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 31

    From this angle without the fan, you can see that the heatpipes are arranged in a U-shaped configuration along different configurations through the aluminium fins.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 33

    Just when you  thought that the heatsink is symetrical, the NH-U9S is actually configured to lean more to the back-side for better RAM compatibility on small motherboards.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 35

    Things are not as symetrical on the arrangements of the heatpipes either, as you can see from the image above.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 37
    Shiny nickle plated baseplate is always a nice feature.


    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 39

    We’ll be installing the NH-U9S on an Intel i7 4770K so the Intel mounting set is needed.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 41

    After dismounting the previous cooler (The NH-C14 from Noctua) and cleaning the CPU of used thermal paste, place the backplate behind the motherboard with the threaded prongs protruding through the allocated holes around the socket.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 43

    Next, place the plastic spacers.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 45

    Proceed to place the mounting brackets, taking care to check the orientation of the cooler so that it will be facing the way you want it to.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 47
    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 49

    Place the screws to secure the whole assembly, taking care not to tighten too much.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 51

    Squeeze a tiny bit of TIM as needed onto the CPU.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 53

    Place the heatsink on top, aligning the screws with the threads on the mounting brackets and tighten till you can’t turn them any more.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 55

    Mount the fans with the supplied fan clips and you’re done!

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 57

    RAM clearance is all good! even tall RAMs will not pose a problem in this case.

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 59
    Lets not forget to plug in our fans to the CPU fan header shall we?


    System configuration for this test shall be as follows:

    Test Rig Configuration
    CPU Cooler
    Noctua NH-U9S
    Intel Core i7 4770K
    ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger
    Kingston Value RAM 8GB
    Primary Hard Drive
    Plextor M6E M.2 256GB
    Power Supply
    FSP AU-650M 80+ Gold 
    Vector Benchcase

    Moving on to the performance test, we ran the CPU stress test utility Prime95 with the option ‘In-place large FFTs’ for maximum heat from the CPU. Our room temperature throughout the test is 30ºC in average and the stress test is repeated for several times in order to get a stable and consistent temperature reading. The final result is presented in the graph as below:

    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 61

    The results are very surprising indeed and honestly I found it hard to believe. Even though the idle temps are nothing to shout about, the load temps are amazing with the NH-U9S matching the NH-D14 and beating even the H100i from Corsair, truly incredible. Fan noise is very low and I’m glad to report that it’s hardly audible over my HD7850’s cooler fans even on load, they only run at about 1200RPM anyway.


    I will have no idea what spell Noctua casted on this one but the NH-U9S is no doubt, a gem. Sure, it looks like any other 3rd party CPU cooler in the market and the fan color (as usual) will not be everyone’s cuppa. The cooling ability of the NH-U9S is definitely unbelievable though, even I had to re-run the test a few times to make sure that I got it right. At load on Prime95, the NH-U9S kept the temps at 80C that matches top coolers such as the Corsair H100i and their own NH-D14 in our previous tests on the same CPU (and OC speed). And while we’re talking about speed, the fans are hardly audible when they top off at 1200RPM.
    Though I don’t think everyone will be swapping out their NH-D14 / D15 for this, but people who are on slim-profile chassis or looking to build a PC in one will definitely rejoice with a premium offering like this, I think that the price is not too bad as well considering the good cooling performance.
    • Solid build quality
    • Extremely good cooling performance
    • Efficient, quality and quiet fans
    • Great RAM slot clearance
    • Fan color still Noctua’s traditional Beige & Brown
    All in all, I’m giving up our Tech-Critter Gold and Recommended badges for the Noctua NH-U9S!
    Unboxing & Review: Noctua NH-U9S 63

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