Ubisoft has announced the new Fair Play program, which is a platform within the Ubisoft Connect ecosystem aimed at encouraging positive in-game interactions.

Ubisoft Fair Play Program 1

Designed by digital learning experts to help players to better comprehend in-game disruptive behaviors and the impact they can have on other players’ experiences, the Fair Play program includes several learning capsules such as:

  • Facts and statistics regarding toxicity in online gaming
  • Explanation of what causes players to ’tilt’ and a self-assessment to help them to be clear about the scenarios that can push them toward it
  • A pro player’s advice and tips on how to appropriately respond to disruptive behavior

In addition to the Fair Play program, Ubisoft has also released the Rainbow Six Reputation Score display, which provides Rainbow Six Siege players with a clear understanding of the influence of their in-game behavior.

For more information about the Ubisoft Fair Play program, kindly refer to this link.


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