Tech-Critter Mobile: Google I/O 2015 Special 5

Here’s a quick list on what had been announced at Google I/O 2015 keynote:

Android M Developer Preview

  • App Permissions
    • Permission granted while using the app
    • Fine grain app permission control
  • Web Experience
    • Chrome Custom Tabs for seamless web experience in-app
  • App Links
    • Linking between apps
  • Mobile Payments
    • Android Pay
  • Fingerprint Support
    • Authentication
    • Android Pay
  • Power & Charging
    • Doze – detects device movement for deeper sleep (up to 2x standby time)
    • USB Type C is coming
  • Etc
    • Word selection & floating clipboard toolbar
    • Direct share (smarter and quicker sharing)
    • Simplified volume control
Android Wear

Glance-able, Actionable, Effortless

  • always on screen & apps
    • experience
  • wrist gestures
    • scrolling through the content
  • emoji recognizer
    • interactive emoji selector
  • launcher
    • quick actions
Project Brillo – The Internet of Things
  • Everything connected
  • Derived from Android
    • minimal footprint
Google Now
  • Now on Tap
    • Contextual info and 
Google Photo
  • Smart organize
  • Contextual recognition
  • Unlimited backup
If you got time to spare, head over Google Developer’s Channel for the full keynote video:
Keynote starts around 43mins into the video.

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