Streacom has unveiled the DB1 ITX Fanless Chassis and Nano90PSU that takes ITX form factor builds to the next level.

Streacom DB1 Chassis 2

Featuring high modularity, the DB1 tackles the current problem of fanless ITX builds that tend to be very expensive while providing enough ventilation for the CPU to be cooled through the heatsink fan. With a total volume less than 5l, any CPU (or APU for the matter) that is within the TDP of 45W is the ideal candidate to be fitted into this casing. It is constructed from 4mm thick aluminum panels, a 21mm thick extruded heat sink, solid aluminum pillars and is made using CNC milling and finished with sandblasted/anodized surface treatment, but despite using these premium materials, processing and finish, the pricing is not as high as you think.

Streacom DB1 Chassis 3

The design prioritizes flexibility in orientation and placement in mind as every panel can be rotated or flipped around to best fit your build and workflow. The 4 solid aluminum pillars connect the heat sink and side panel that in turn secure the front, rear, upper and lower panels in place. Taking the chassis apart is also an easy task as only 8 screws are there to hold the case together so just take them off and everything is ready to go.

The copper CPU shim, adjustable CPU mount, and heat sink mount are the same as the DB4 so virtually any motherboard and current desktop sockets can be fitted into it. If you need some of the more specialized or less common stuff such as FCBGA 1667, there is an optional CPU mount for them as well. The front I/O is also modular and uses the same module as the DA2 so the included Type-A 19PIN can be replaced with an optional Type-C 19PIN or 3.1 Gen2 or any future standard.

nano90 angle

On the other side of things, the Nano90 PSU is the company’s most compact and affordable small size PSU to date that delivers 90W of power with zero noise. Paired perfectly with the DB1, it reduces the heat generated within the case as AC to DC conversion is occurring at the external adapter and it is fanless as well that works almost the same as a laptop charger.

Pricing and Availability

The Streacom DB1 and Nano90 will become available starting Q1 of 2021 at the price of $129USD (~RM525.80) and $79USD (~RM322). We do hope that the Malaysia market gets these as well to spice up the ITX market while PC builders will have greater control over their preferences.

Check out the rest of DB1’s specifications here.


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