The G.SKILL OC World Cup 2023 is officially done with one rose up against the entire competition and won it all – Seby9123 is your Champion.

G SKILL OC World Cup 2023 1

Taking back home a whopping USD10,000 cash prize and a nice Kingpin Cooling ICON EXTREME V5 GPU LN2 pot, the US overclocker treaded over the challenging gauntlet armed with a piece of Intel Core i9-13900KS and ASUS ROG Z790 APEX motherboard.

G SKILL OC World Cup 2023 2

With the Grand Final stage on June 2, Seby9123 together with CENS and Rauf are tasked to face 2 categories of challenges – 2 DRAM maximum frequency-based and 3 benchmarks with fixed 7GHz CPU clock speed.

G SKILL OC World Cup 2023 5

The DDR5 memory frequency challenge utilizing the latest 24GB DDR5 modules by G.SKILL are created for the extreme limits where all 3 finalists managed to push beyond DDR5-10000 with the highest set by the champion himself at DDR5-11158, demonstrating the absolute tuning skills plus the innate superior build quality of these RAM sticks.


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