Samsung has unveiled their latest phablet – Note7. Skipping the Note6 as their restructuring exercise to streamline their product naming across Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. Here’s all you need to know about the Samsung’s latest large format smartphone.

Dual curved design

Symmetric front and back 3D curves for the best handling experience.

Dual edge screen

The dual edge screen on the Note7 actually makes the phone looks bezel-less, at staggering 80.9% screen to body ratio.

All the edge features that come with Galaxy S7 Edge is also available on the Note7.

Always on display

From a simple clock to note pinning, the Note7 comes with an always-on display that is capable of giving you a quick insight without having to wake up the phone.

New S-Pen

The key highlight of the Galaxy Note series is the S-Pen. Samsung has given the S-Pen a new breath of life where it is now smoother and precise than ever.

The pen tip is now 0.7mm thick, a vast improvement over the previous Note’s 1.6mm. The pressure sensor can now recognise up to 4096 pressure levels, double of what the previous Note’s sensitivity.

Smart select GIFs

Creating GIF on-the-fly by using the S-Pen’s smart select tool. You can now share your favourite section of a video instantly.

Water resistant

The Note7 is IP68 certified, which means it can withstand dust, dirt and sand, as well as staying 1.5 meters underwater up to 30 minutes

Iris scanning biometric security

Samsung has taken a step forward in the Note7’s security department with the addition of the Iris scanner.

Samsung uses a highly advanced infrared iris scanner to achieve unparalleled accuracy that works even during dark.

With the complexity of a person’s iris, there are no two irises in the world sharing the same pattern even if it is the same person.

Brighter camera & lens

The Note7 comes with a new 12MP sensor. Albeit it is slightly lower resolution compared to the Note5’s 16MP snapper, but the new camera is equipped with a brighter f/1.7 lens and wider 26mm lens.

The new sensor (1/2.5″) is slightly larger than the Note5 (1/2.6″). Larger 1.4 ┬Ám pixel size means the camera will outperform Note5’s low light capability.

Improved performance

Samsung Exynos 8890 + Mali-T880 MP12 Octa-core SoC pairs with 4GB of RAM gives 31% more powerful CPU and 58% more capable GPU for your daily usage as well as gaming capabilities.

Bigger battery

The Note7 comes with 3500mAh built-in battery with fast charge capabilities. That means less charging and more productivity.

USB Type-C

Lastly, the Note7 is the first Samsung device that has received the blessing of USB Type-C. Other than being omnidirectional, the USB Type-C also comes with endless possibilities that we all always wanted. Such as high power delivery, visual signal transfer and more.


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