While we’re still waiting for the much-anticipated MSI GP66/GP76 to reach our labs, MSI Malaysia has decided to keep us busy by sending over their newly refreshed MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG.

The all-new GP66 Leopard now comes with the RTX30 series graphics for high-performance gaming and productivity workflow. Let’s see how this laptop fares against our test and whether you should get this laptop.

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  • Intel Core i7-10870H
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop (115W)
  • 2x8GB DDR4-3200
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • 15.6-inch 144Hz 1080p

New Design

MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 2

We first saw this new design concept on the GT76 Titan during Computex 2019 and it seems the general public has taken a great liking to the new chassis. Since then, MSI has been working on trickling down the concept to the rest of the series starting off with the GE series then now the GP series.

MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 3

Gone are the days of flashy designs and the new GP66 is looking classy with its stealthy appearance.

One of the reasons why I liked the new design is because of the port placement.


MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 9



MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 8


MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 10


MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 11

There are probably two different display variants available for the GP66, for example, 240Hz and 144Hz. The one we received is a 1080p 144Hz model and we’re not sure if MSI Malaysia will bring in the 240Hz option or not. That said, I personally would hope MSI just stick with the 144Hz option as the GP series is meant for those looking for the best bang for the buck gaming laptop. To me, 240Hz is not justifiable unless for those who are looking to play competitive titles at the highest possible frame rates. Generally, even with RTX 3070 Laptop (115W), triple-A titles are still going to struggle to surpass 1080p 144 fps unless you play at lower graphical settings.

Besides, this panel has pretty decent colour reproduction for gaming and general entertainment purposes. Frankly speaking, it is a gaming laptop and you can’t really expect it to come with colour accurate panels meant for content creator use.

Keyboard & Trackpad

MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 12

Some users may not like MSI’s decision to remove the number pad. Truth be told, you don’t need it. It takes up precious keyboard space and you only use it to input password. At this mobile age, I personally think that more users have grown accustomed to mobile keyboards which also lacks the number pad.

MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 14

The trackpad is nothing special, not terrible and not great either. I can’t blame MSI though, it uses Microsoft Precision Trackpad for outstanding tracking and gesture performance, then again, palm rejection is still far from perfect. The bottom line is, you’ve got a pretty decent trackpad for general usage. Just keep in mind to bring along a mouse if you plan to game on it.


Speaking of gaming, the GP66 Leopard we got here comes with a respectable spec –

  • Intel Core i7-10870H
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop (115W)
  • 2x8GB DDR4-3200
  • 1TB NVMe SSD

Due to the limited testing time frame, we will be comparing the GP66 with our recently reviewed AORUS 15G XC because both of them are using the RTX 3070 albeit the AORUS 15G has a lower TGP at 95W. I think it is a perfect showcase of how confusing the current NVIDIA laptop GPU is, even on the exact same model.

Unsurprisingly the GP66’s RTX 3070 at 115W TGP smokes the 95W counterpart. While you do see some games are performing quite similarly but generally speaking, the 115W variant is about 20% faster. The difference is more apparent in recent titles as the game engine utilises the latest features.

MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 16

I did find the MSI’s CPU seems to be more aggressive when compared to the AORUS 15G even though they are both using the Intel Core i7-10870H. It is shown pretty clearly in the CPU benchmarks as well as the higher CPU max temperature on the MSI.


MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG 15

The MSI GP66 Leopard 10UG is a great step forward for the company. The decision to use the same new chassis concept goes to show how confident they are with their laptop series. It has excellent performance since MSI has opted for 115W TGP for the RTX 3070. One thing unfortunate is Malaysians may not be able to get this laptop as MSI Malaysia is not bringing in this model. Our best guess is they’re waiting for Intel’s 11th gen Core processors to be ready. Otherwise, if this laptop were to make way to our shore at RM8000 range, it is an excellent laptop for all your gaming, entertainment and working needs.


  • New chassis design
  • Excellent port selections
  • Aggressive CPU and GPU boost profile
  • RTX 3070 115W TGP
  • Excellent GPU cooling


  • CPU a bit too aggressive which results in a higher max temperature

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