After the Six Invitational 2020 crowned their champion, Ubisoft has released a statement regarding changes to the Rainbow Six Siege Esports scene once the Pro League Finals XI has ended. This is a rather big change which we think players should know.

The changes are well-considered big due to Ubisoft shifting their focus to enhance the specialties, specificities, and diversity to create playstyles and meta unique from each other across the 4 existing regions. Each region will be able to decide on the details, formats, and partners solely and independently for themselves.

Highlighted Changes

Rainbow Six Esports Region Changes

4 regional programs will run simultaneously with 4 quarters comprising 1 season. The first 3 quarters are called Stages that converge into a Major at the end, where 4 teams from each region forming a total of 16 gathers and compete for the title.

Not only that, an in-depth point system will be implemented to rank teams that allow teams to have a chance to qualify for the next Six Invitational through accumulating circuit points. Several adjustments have been made to each region to fit better into the program.


2 divisions will be available, with the Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian forming 12 teams while the South Division will include the Oceanic countries along with up-and-coming regions such as South Asia. ESL is commissioned to handle all Asia-Pacific programs and events.


The European League will expand to ten teams with a multi-tiered esports scene that receives better recognition and significance where players from all levels are able to complete. Ubisoft’s co-production partners for the region will be FaceIt and LiveNation.

Latin America

Latin America will grow to ten teams as well and move to an offline based infrastructure in Mexico while expanding into South America in parallel and the region will now support three divisions namely Brazil, Mexico, and South America that evolves them into recognized competitors over time and the program will be owned and operated by Ubisoft and its contracted vendors.

North America

For the first time, Canada will get its own division while the existing region will continue to improve upon the experience of players and the community. An upcoming US Division will be made available with premiere production as the main attraction.

Final note

The upcoming Majors for the next 2 years have also been announced as below:


May 16 – 17, Pro League Finals Season XI

São Paulo, Brazil

August Major

North America

November Major



February, Six Invitational 2021


May Major



North America



With all these changes coming, it is bounded to provide more tournaments overall to all regions to satisfy the growing watch base. If you need more details about all these changes, head over to the announcement page and be sure to follow their Twitter and Instagram for more future updates.


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