PNY Malaysia has brought in a new set of XLR8 Gaming DDR5 MAKO RAM for those who are looking to upgrade or build a new current-gen rig.

PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR5 MAKO 6400 CL32 1

The new addition maintains the 32GB (2x16GB) capacity but ramps up the existing 6000MHz CL40 config up to 6400MHz CL32 in exchange for a slightly higher price but still a considerable upgrade if you have the extra budget for a bit more performance.

With this, the current full lineup looks like this:

  • 6400Mhz CL32 (Black): RM619
  • 6400Mhz CL32 (White): RM629
  • 6000Mhz CL40 (Black): RM529
  • 6000Mhz CL40 (White): RM539

They are available at the official Shopee store right now.


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