Palit’s showcase at Computex 2024 highlighted their commitment to innovation in the graphics card market, catering to various user segments. From a futuristic concept with an integrated display to powerful and visually striking designs, Palit offered a glimpse into the future of PC graphics hardware.

RTX 4090 LYNK+: A Bold Concept with Advanced Cooling

Palit Showcases New Concept RTX 40 Series Cards at Computex 2024 1

The RTX 4090 LYNK+, a collaborative effort between Palit and cooling solution company LYNK+ takes the centre stage at the booth this year . This concept card represents a bold vision for the future, featuring a unique 7-inch display integrated into the design. This display could potentially function as a real-time performance monitor, showcase custom graphics, or offer interactive features.

The RTX 4090 LYNK+ also boasts a modular AIO liquid cooler with a quick release design that automatically seals the coolant flow when the loop is disconnected. This innovative design offers the potential for simplified upgrades and potentially superior cooling performance compared to traditional AIO coolers.

While specific details regarding cooling capacity haven’t been revealed, the modular nature suggests potential compatibility with even more powerful GPUs in the future. It’s important to note that the RTX 4090 LYNK+ remains a concept design at this stage,with no official confirmation regarding its availability.

RTX 4090 Neptune: Balancing Power and Aesthetics

Palit Showcases New Concept RTX 40 Series Cards at Computex 2024 3

For users seeking exceptional performance and a visually striking design, the RTX 4090 Neptune offers a compelling option. This card prioritizes cooling efficiency with a robust 3.5-slot air cooling design, likely translating to larger heatsinks and high static-pressure fans for effective heat dissipation.

Palit also incorporates a stylish acrylic RGB LED diffuser that runs along the card’s length. This diffuser prominently displays the “Beyond Limits” logo and creates an “infinite-reflection mirror” effect. This combination suggests a focus on both visual appeal and cooling performance, potentially targeting users who desire a visually striking component for their PC builds.

RTX 4080 MASTER: A Creator-Focused Design

Palit Showcases New Concept RTX 40 Series Cards at Computex 2024 5

Palit also unveiled the RTX 4080 MASTER, a model designed specifically with creators in mind – it is also the best looking RTX 4080 we have seen during Computex 2024. This card features a sleek and premium-looking triple-slot cooler with understated elegance that has no visible screws in sight.

Notably,the specific MASTER model displayed at the Palit booth received a special treatment – it was signed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang during his visit to the show floor.


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