During our visit to NVIDIA’s demo suite at Computex 2024, we were introduced to the latest updates to the NVIDIA App, which promise to bring exciting improvements for both gamers and content creators.

For content creators, two major updates have been introduced: AV1 Encoding and 120 FPS Recording. These advancements significantly enhance the ability to capture high-quality gameplay footage.

NVIDIA App Update Computex 2024 (2)

AV1 Encoding offers higher quality recordings at the same bit rate compared to the previously used H.264 codec. This results in smaller file sizes for your videos without sacrificing visual detail, making it ideal for sharing or archiving gameplay moments.

The 120 FPS Recording feature allows for smooth recording of gameplay footage at 120 frames per second. This is particularly beneficial for those using high refresh rate displays, as it ensures that captured footage accurately represents the game’s visual smoothness.

NVIDIA App Update Computex 2024 (1)

For gamers, the update introduces a one-click performance tuning option. While specific details on how this feature works weren’t provided, it appears to be similar to the auto-tuning feature introduced during the GTX 10 series GPUs launch. This feature is likely designed to streamline the process of optimizing GPU performance, especially for users who may not be familiar with manually tweaking settings.

We have yet to test the new update, but the improvements look promising. We believe that both gamers and content creators will find these features useful. If you’re interested in trying the NVIDIA App, it is now available at NVIDIA’s official website.


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