Other World Computing (OWC), a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for creative professionals, announced several exciting new products ahead of their appearance at the NAB Show. These solutions focus on enhancing the capture, storage, and workflow of creative content.

High-Speed Capture with Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Cards

OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A

Leading the lineup are the new Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards, available in 480GB and 960GB capacities. These VPG200-certified cards boast impressive read speeds of 1850MB/s and write speeds of 1700MB/s, making them ideal for professional videographers and photographers using Sony Alpha, FX, and FR7 cameras. Perfect for capturing high-resolution 8K video, Pro-slow motion footage, or Pro-high resolution burst RAW photos, these cards ensure smooth and reliable recording without dropped frames.

OWC Ecosystem for a Seamless Workflow

Beyond speed, the Atlas Pro cards integrate seamlessly into OWC’s comprehensive creative workflow ecosystem. This “Capture to Completion” approach ensures creators have the tools they need throughout the entire creative process. Notably, the included Type A-to-Type B adapter allows for optimal performance when used with OWC’s USB4 CFexpress 4.0 Type B readers. Furthermore, OWC’s Innergize software ensures card health and performance with features like cleaning and firmware upgrades.

Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A cards are available for pre-order starting at $319.99 on Macsales.com.

Expanded Envoy Storage Solutions


OWC also announced exciting additions to their popular Envoy portable storage lineup. The new Envoy SSD offers a best-in-class experience with stunning design and consistent 1000MB/s speeds in a compact, palm-sized aluminum housing. This pocket-sized powerhouse makes it ideal for storing, saving, backing up, and editing large files on the go.

The Envoy SSD starts at $149.99 and is available for pre-order on Macsales.com.

OWC Envoy Pro Elektron

For creators demanding rugged performance and high capacity, the Envoy Pro Elektron now comes in a 4TB option. This pocket-sized drive boasts IP67 dustproof, crushproof, and waterproof ratings, making it perfect for harsh environments. With real-world speeds reaching 1011MB/s, it allows for smooth editing and backup of large media files.

The Envoy Pro Elektron 4TB is available for purchase on Macsales.com for $579.99.

OWC Envoy Pro Mini

Finally, the Envoy Pro mini gets a capacity boost to 2TB. This keychain-sized USB drive packs a punch, offering both performance and ample storage for creators who need to keep their work readily accessible. The dual USB-A and USB-C connectors ensure easy connection to various capture devices.

The Envoy Pro mini 2TB is available for purchase on Macsales.com for $299.99.

With these new solutions, OWC empowers creative professionals with a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient capture, storage, and workflow management.


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