Other World Computing (OWC) has just introduced the latest addition to its ThunderBlade lineup of RAID SSDs: the ThunderBlade X8. Let’s have a quick look.

OWC ThunderBlade X8 SSD announced 1

Boasting an impressive speed of up to 2,949MB/s, the all-new ThunderBlade X8 offers up to 16% higher capacity and efficiency in RAID 5 to allow users to seamlessly handle data-intensive tasks and enhance their overall productivity.

Not only that, but the ThunderBlade X8 can also tackle uncompressed, high-bandwidth content easily to ensure speedy performance and reliability. Plus, it is also designed to be highly mobility while boasting an integrated fin-designed cooling system.

Pricing and Availability

Available in capacities of 8TB, 16TB, and 32TB, the ThunderBlade X8 RAID SSD is now available for pre-order at macsales.com with a starting price of USD$1,749.99.


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