Fusion Tech Supply has brought in the Orico PW Series USB 3.0 hubs into Malaysia to help you expand your USB connections with all your peripherals.

Orico PAPW4A C3

There are several different models here but we’ll get to them one by one. You have the PAPW2AC hosting 4 ports of 3x USB-A and 1x USB-C with the “C” supporting 100W PD passthrough charging while the other 3 do the standard data transferring.

Orico PAPW4A U3

The PAPW4A on the other hand, comes in either a full set of 4x USB-A so this one is more friendly for the small thumb drive hoarders. The special sauce here is the optional choice of receiving ends which can be either in USB-A or USB-C to accommodate the one lone port on the device but you’ll have to pick one upon buying.


Lastly, the PAPW3AT comes in a 3x USB-A + microSD card reader config that is a lifesaver for content creators who needs to move footage off cameras regularly.

Price and Availability

You may one of the Orico PW Series USB 3.0 hubs over at the official Shopee store at the following price:


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