South California-based sports apparel and accessories maker Oakley has announced its entrance to the esports world through the signing of its first professional esports athlete Scump.

Oakley Scump

While being a world-class clothing company for more than 45 years, the rise of the esports market has definitely been shaking up how sports is defined with more and more competition getting virtualized such as biking and racing simulators it is not surprising for an athlete-focused company to get in and get a slice of the big pie. But let’s talk about the guy Oakley has signed. Seth’ Scump’ Abner or known as “The King” by his fans, is widely considered one of the world’s top COD pros with 2 Major League Gaming (MLG) X gold medalist and the “Best Console Player” award of the 2017 Esports Industry Awards under his belt. Through this partnership, Scump will begin representing Oakley’s fashion through the company’s eyewear which is made with its in-house Prizm Gaming Lens Technology for eye strain reduction during streams and future competitive matches.

COD pro league fans might as well heard or watched him on Twitch but for those who have never heard of him, he can be treated as one of the many “faces” of professional COD represented by his unmatched success through passion, effort, and the talent to rise to the top. Aside from gaming, his participation in various forms of content collaboration, as well as community services such as the recent philanthropic campaign to honor frontline workers and healthcare professionals battling COVID-19, has put him in a bit of a spotlight for being such a positive icon of the esports industry, and the Oakley partner is another icing on top of the cake.

Scump is pretty excited for this partnership, citing:

“It is an honor to be the first esports athlete on Team Oakley. Oakley has quickly proven itself to be an authentic and committed partner, so I’m excited to introduce the brand’s offerings to my fans and engage with other athletes on their roster. We already have a lot in the works and I look forward to sharing more in the months to come.”

For those who have an interest in stepping into the COD pro scene or just craving for some slick shot and clean gameplay by him, give Scump a follow on Twitch.


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