Imagine a presentation that is not 2-dimensional and consisting of only flat pixels but instead, all objects are fully rendered, 3D models. That’s what the GTC 2021 Keynote was, all through the power of the NVIDIA Omniverse.

To recap the entire making of the keynote, the NVIDIA Omniverse has enabled so much potential that turns physical into digital, or vice versa, or both in parallel actions where big companies like BMW’s state-of-the-art production factories are first fully simulated in Omniverse and build together as time went on and the industrial term “digital twin” was coined for the concept. Developers are capable of controlling and testing literally everything from object placement and worker’s movement to lighting angles and reflections before actually building them in the physical world that helped them cut down the risk of wasting unnecessary R&D budget and complete project phases within schedule. Another crucial feature of Omniverse is its compatibility and easy porting of various file formats from other software such as Maya, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and more have made many artist’s and project member’s lives much easier.

Now this one is kind of “sus”, I must say. The NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, a.k.a Mr. Leather Jacket that you see in the keynote where he presents all those juicy new GPUs and whatnot, is completely digital. Yes, his kitchen too. Powered by the company’s superior deep learning techniques and technologies paired together with extremely skilled graphical engineers, they first did a full-body scan of the CEO himself, let an AI model learn his pattern of speech and motion, and applied more machine learning to support all the details in order to make the digital clon as “real” as possible. Oh, the kitchen is actually a replica of his real-life kitchen as well, all deconstructed. integrated and rendered within the Omniverse environment.

Also, as part of the latest news, it seems that Jensen Huang is the recipient of the Robert N. Noyce Award from the Semiconductor Industry Association for this year thanks to his leadership and innovative breakthroughs in the digital world and will be officially given the honor during November. Congratulations, everyone give him a big clap, please.


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