Data cloud company Snowflake has announced its latest partnership with NVIDIA over at the Snowflake Summit 2023 event to allow businesses to train their own AI model with their own data set.

NVIDIA NeMo Snowflake

Powered by NVIDIA Nemo for developing Large Language Models (LLM), businesses will greatly benefit from custom LLMs tailored to their specific needs such as chatbots and searchers.

However, with custom models comes custom data which means proprietary stuff that one may not be comfortable handing out to other organizations to train for them.

Here’s where NVIDIA and Snowflake’s collaboration comes in to help business owners gain access to such service by plotting in hundreds or even thousands of TBs of curated information that may or may not be highly sensitive.

As a result, customers can quickly and easily build, deploy and manage applications thus enlarging the scope of generative AI towards all aspects of their business.

Not to mention that since Snowflake is a cloud-based firm, the data is already there, therefore, jumping onto the AI hype train is as direct as it can get.

With Snowflake Data Cloud’s expertise in providing cloud-based solutions for multiple fields and sectors, the addition of NVIDIA NeMo, particularly NeMo Guardrails ensures AI models align with business-specific topics, safety, and security requirements, making the entire ordeal much more important to drive the adoption of generative AI.


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