A couple of months ago, we reported on NVIDIA’s iCafe program over in Hangzhou, China where Team Green themselves work together with net cafe owners to create a premium experience and environment for gamers to be treated with class and powerful gaming hardware. However, as early as 2024, they have picked Vietnam as their next stop.

Let’s start with some quick maths. According to their market research, Vietnam has seen quite the resurgence in net cafe traffic ever since COVID-19 turned from pandemic to endemic. Currently, about 14,000 iCafes are operating with 650+ GeForce-certified shops included. Each year, about 200 new ones are enlisted.

As a matter of fact, about 20 of the top Vietnam representative participated in 2023’s iCafe event too, showcasing their dedication to the business and the culture of localizing online gamer as a form of gathering.

NVIDIA iCafe Vietnam 3

NVIDIA also visited numerous iCafes and venues with the first one being the Hanoi GeForce Fans Party. Graced by “Mr. Leather Jacket Man” Jensen Huang himself, the Vikings iCafe was a blast, attracting over 400 on-site attendees and more than 1M views online.

With featured matches of CS2 played by various KOLs, the event provided a platform where members of the community with different statuses can merge, interact and create wonderful memories together.

NVIDIA iCafe Vietnam 1

The local scene also has a concurrent CS2 tournament happening at that time, named the NVIDIA Reflex iCafe Attack. Boasting a total prize pool of 120M VND which is by far the largest in Vietnma, over 70 iCafes across 12 cities have participated with 500 players trying their best to win it all.

The regional qualitifers and finals will be hosted in Ho Chi Minh City that expects 500+ attendees and 2M+ SNS impressions. But as a whole, everyone will have a chance to experience RTX 40 series GPU-equipped systems in participating locations.

NVIDIA iCafe Vietnam 2

NVIDIA’s latest GeForce RTX 40 SUPER series cards also carry a form of ICafe certification that ensures the gaming performance they are rated to be. Thanks to Project X-23 located in Binh Thanh District, HCMC, the shop is the first iCafe to host the GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER whereas the 2nd shop in District 7, HCMC will be getting RTX 4070 Ti SUPER as well.

All in all, NVIDIA continues to provide the best standards in gaming while enforcing the effort of keeping in contact with various local scenes of China and ROAP to upkeep the iCafe industry for as long as possible.


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