The recently released Pokemon Go is like a dream come true for Pokemon fans to become the real Pokemon master by travelling around to capture different species of Pokemon and those with early access to the game seems to be deeply addicted to it. 
We ourselves are big fan of Pokemon ourselves but something rather interesting caught our attention as we take the time to look outside while the Pokemon Go hype train is moving – Yu-Gi-Oh! HoloLens project, a new HoloLens projects that brings the popular trading card game from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! to reality by using Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. 
The project has already entered the pre-alpha stage and the footage can be found on Generalkidd’s YouTube channel  :

It doesn’t looks as cool as what we’ve seen on the anime as of now, but we’re looking forward to see strong game developer and hopefully Konami to pick up this project and enhance it. 



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