Electronics Extreme’s New Gunbound has been running its closed beta testing from 15th January until the 22nd of January this month to try it before the next phase of testing is available.

Gunbound is an online multiplayer shooter game that plays similarly like Worms series and local cybercafes are full of players ready to take on a game back in the days. Now you can experience it through your smartphones, for both iOS and Android devices.

The New Gunbound

Gunbound Game SessionIn this revamped version of the classic, you will experience new features and visuals with its new layout of buttons and updated graphics while relearning the core gameplay mechanics which is familiar for seasoned players back then.

Gunbound Gacha

A gacha system is implemented as well just like most mobile games in this era. Players can take a bet on their luck and spin for costumes, avatars, workshop items and more. A Season Pass option is available for players as a part of a premium subscription service.

For those interested, you can head over to the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices and also Like their Facebook Page for more updates to come.


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