MSI has fully wrapped up the Mini Gameverse 2022 event that happened last week over at Publika Shopping Gallery.

MSI Gameverse 2022 3

Hosted exactly at The Beem a tech-themed cafe with futuristic neon lighting, it is just the right place with the right mood for anything tech-related which is very true for MSI’s upcoming machines that carry the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series Laptop graphics card that blends high performance, user-friendly experience, and aesthetic designs that are classics yet filled with improvements.

MSI Gameverse 2022 2

Housed the brand new hybrid architecture of high-performing P-Cores and low yet efficient E-Cores, the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors take even more advantages over than the desktop counterparts as laptops need to factor in battery life as opposed to a landed power supply. With up to 14 cores available in the H-series CPU, MSI has benchmarked both the new and old models of several lineups including the Stealth GE series, Raider GE series, Pulse GP series the all-new Vector GL series, and Crosshair 15 more. The results are expected yet amazed as the Raider GE76 pulls off a 28% faster gaming performance whereas Creator Z16 Pro has shown 44% higher performance in Adobe Creative Cloud and 14% more efficiency in Autodesk in the content creation realm. Cooling off the hot piece of silicon is MSI’s newly integrated Phase Change Liquid Metal Pad that combines the thermal conductivity goodness of standard liquid metal in the form of a manageable pad that will not cause any leak with very little maintenance required.

And in short, what MSI Malaysia has announced over at the event is a localized and simplified version of what they revealed over at CES 2022 so click here for more information about every single one of them.

And to finish up everything for the MSIology event, a lucky draw has been conducted with MSI Gaming Chair, MSI Monitor, Intel merchandise, and more all given out to attendees.


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