Micron is making the headline news today because it is sampling the Micron 7450 SSD that breaks several industry-leading records.

Micron 7450 1

Crafted with bleeding-edge technology, the Micron 7450 is the world’s first vertically integrated 176-layer NAND SSD created solely for data center use as it is capable of delivering 99.9999% Quality-of-Service latency below 2ms in common, mixed, and random workloads to scale across demands of any SSD-based data centers. Diving deeper into the details of the SSD itself, Micron has revealed that the 176-layer storage cells working in tandem with CMOS-under-the-array technology made the 7450 an ultra-efficient product. Powered by Micron’s own in-house DRAM, SoC, and firmware which explains the vertical integration term, the Micron 7450 will be the brand’s new way of standing firm in the industry by providing a solution that is wholly created by itself with full after-sale support provided.

The 7450 comes in a variety of storage capacity numbers and form factors from 400GB to 15.36TB including an 8TB model in an E1.S form factor so any current or future data center can rest assured they can find the best solution for themselves. The SSD also maintains the industry standard of offering self-encryption and Microsoft Drive options to help safeguard against data breaches and security exploits with Micron’s own Secure Execution Environment powering dedicated security modules that are fully isolated from the rest of the system. Qualified Open Compute Project environments are also one of the key benefits of the 7450 thanks to the design consideration too.

While we don’t get to reap the benefits of it directly, faster bandwidth and lower latency figures in data centers mean any Internet service we access that passes through them will be more responsive with less lag occurring over the course of using services so that’s pretty cool.


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