LIAN LI has recently launched its improved UNI FAN SL120 V2 and SL140 V2, both of which come with fewer cables and increased performance than their predecessors.

LIAN LI newly improved UNI FAN SL V2 1

Boasting a new bridging cable included in the 3-pack, the new UNI FAN SL V2 is capable of daisy chaining up to 6 fans in two clusters to a single hub port, which reduces the number of cables required to power the clusters.

On top of that, the connection between the cluster and the controller has been simplified to a single slim cable that combines PWM and ARGB signal power, enabling new continuous lighting effects across the two bridged clusters.

LIAN LI newly improved UNI FAN SL V2 featured

Equipped with a thicker 28mm frame that gives a 10% boost in cooling performance over the SL120, the SL120 V2 features a speed of up to 2000 RPM and is able to achieve static pressures of 2.59 mmH2O with 64.5 CFM of airflow, at low noise levels of 29.2 dBA.

On the other hand, the SL140 V2 has speeds of up to 1600 RPM with a static pressure of 2.09 mmH2O, an airflow of 77.6 CFM, and maximum noise levels of 29 dBA.

Pricing and Availability

The new UNI FAN SL V2 is currently available for purchase via LIAN LI’s official store on NEWEGG, Caseking, and Overclockers UK at the following prices:

  • 120 Single Pack Black/White — USD$26.99
  • 120 Triple Pack (with Controller) Black/White — USD$89.99
  • 140 Single Pack Black/White — USD$29.99

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