Healthcare businesses in the U.S are going to have a new option when it comes to FDA approved electronic devices thanks to the launch of the new LG 21HQ613D.

LG 21HQ613D Diagnostic Monitor

Designed and tailored to mammography and breast tomosynthesis, the 21HQ613D comes in a 21.3-inch form factor that houses an IPS panel that can provide 1100cd/m² of luminance that brings more contrast between colors and backgrounds much more easier.

Coupled with the unorthodox 2048×2560 resolution, the portrait-style shape is curated for MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds. An internal sensor on the front side makes it external calibration obsolete because it can simply do it automatically.

But if needed, the LG Calibration Studio Medical software can help with that by providing DICOM calibration and quality assurance tests that matches international QC standards for medical monitors.

The 21HQ613D is also baked with Focus View Mode and Pathology Mode a wide range of applications. For example, the former lets doctors and researches to zoom in and out on a specific part with the keyboard or mouse and dim the rest of the “unhighlighted” areas for easier focus while Pathology Mode goes for clarity and accuracy. What’s more, one can adjust between 2MP/3MP/5MP to match the current image on the screen.

Other good point includes daisy-chainable DisplayPort connection and tilt/swivel/height/pivot support for the most flexible setup ever. It also comes equipped with 5 hotkeys that can be set to various settings for quick access.

For the eco conscious organizations, it will dim itself after 5 minutes while Down Light and Wall Light provides some needed extra light source for reading in the dark. If all of these is too hassle for you, the Auto Luminance sensor will do all the job for you.


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