With the Chinese New Year 2023 closing in just a little bit more than a month, Kingston Malaysia has announced the fourth member of the Chinese Zodiac-based New Year USB Flash Drive Mini Collection which is the Mini Rabbit.

Kingston 2023 Mini Rabbit USB Flash Drive 3

Coming in with its iconic round and chonk animal design, the rabbit will have its ear getting stretched to the top of its head for a derpy look but as you can see there’s the gold ring surrounding its forehead because that’s where the actual USB stick sits in with previous entries of the Cow and Tiger design placed at the nose and tail portion of their respective bodies.

Equipped with 64GB of capacity and running USB 3.2 Gen 1 protocol, it is priced cheap enough to be collected without breaking the bank which is good news for fellow collectors. Therefore, celebrate the festive season with your loved ones by giving them one of these.

The Kingston 2023 Mini Rabbit USB Flash Drive is available for purchase at the price of RM99 – just RM10 higher than the previous models and each purchase will have a pack of Kingston angpao packets thrown as a freebie. Buyers of any Kingston or Kingston FURY product during this time period will also be entered into a raffle to win free tickets to Bangkok too.


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