Be it streaming videos online or playing games whenever you want to, smartphones have made many things easier for users to access. The gaming industry has significantly benefited from this as more and more smartphone users use their devices to play games. With the increased ease of access to games with the help of smartphones, the gaming industry is experiencing a shift in preferred gaming devices.

ExpressVPN’s study revealed that around 70 percent of users prefer using smartphones and tablets to play games compared to other gaming devices. The study on gaming habits also revealed that the older generations tend to spend more time playing video games than the younger generations, with millennials spending the most time and money. But why has this sudden shift happened? Let’s see how smartphones impact the gaming industry and the reasons for this change.

The Popularity Of Mobiles Devices For Gaming

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, playing games on your mobile device is very easy and convenient. For this reason, many popular video game companies have also created mobile versions for their consumers. Many things have facilitated this increasing popularity of mobile games within the gaming industry.

How Mobile Gaming Can Effect The Gaming Industry

It can not be denied that the gaming industry has experienced a huge boom in recent years. Video games have always been popular. However, earlier, they were restricted to playing games on their PC. But today, the popularity has shifted to mobile gaming.

First and foremost, it is quite easy for users to access games wherever they want to if they play games on their smartphones. This increased availability and ease of access are one of the major factors why people are turning towards using smartphones to play games.

Not only are the prices for mobile gaming relatively minuscule, but it is also easier for game developers to launch new and innovative games easily. Additionally, playing games on mobile devices is cheaper than buying gaming consoles. This makes it easier for people to invest time and energy in games without spending copious amounts of money to access them.

Game developers can also upgrade games easily based on the feedback they receive regarding their games; this makes it easier for them to understand the need of consumers. So mobile devices are not only helping customers by increasing their ease of access, but it is also beneficial for game developers as they can easily understand what the consumers want from their product.


Playing games on your mobile can be quite fun and exciting. Not only does the ability to play games on your smartphones make it easier for users to access them whenever they want to. But the increased availability of a stable network has also facilitated the popularity of gaming on mobile devices.

It is important to note that most gamers find it cheaper to use mobile devices to play games as they already need smartphones for their day-to-day activities. As technology continues to advance and phones become even more powerful in the future, the popularity of mobile gaming will continue to increase.


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