MSI, world leading manufacturer in motherboard and graphics card, is proud to officially announces that top worldwide reconignized overclokers Benchbros, Wizerty, Vivi and Zzolio broke 7 Top Global Scores & Hardware Records during G.Skill Overclocking World Record Stage 2015. To achieve this astonishing performance during the 4th annual G.Skill OC Event, those professional extreme overclockers used the brand new high-end MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING and several times worldwide review awarded MSI X99A XPOWER AC motherboards.
One Board to Rull All

Thanks to MSI hero products and G.Skill DDR4 Memory, worldwide top overclockers Wizerty, Benchbros and Vivi, respectively from France, Germany, South Africa and Denmark have been able to enhance their skills and succesfully reach strong edge performance breaking scores live on the very first day of Computex, proving once again that MSI products not only deliver the best of both OC and GAMING worlds to users, but also exclusive features, OC and performace to everyone’s budget. The brand new MSI high-end X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard alone achieved not less than 7 Global Top Scores in 2D and 3D with MSI GeForce GTX Titan X Graphic cards, while X99A XPOWER AC established a new milestone in memory overclocking as it is the first motherboard to ever exceed the DDR4-4400 barrier.
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