Global PC Builders Rally Around NVIDIA to Deliver VR-Ready PCs and Add-in Cards 1
SINGAPORE—Jan. 5, 2015—NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) today unveiled
a VR-ready programme to help gamers navigate their way to great virtual reality
The company has partnered with PC and notebook makers and add-in
card providers to deliver “GeForce® GTX® VR Ready” systems and
graphics cards that deliver an immersive VR gaming experience. The programme
minimises confusion regarding which equipment is necessary to play the range of
VR games and applications increasingly coming to market.
Delivering a great VR experience demands seven times the
graphics processing power of traditional 3D games and applications – driving
framerates above 90 frames per second (fps) for two simultaneous images (one
for each eye).
“For customers, navigating an emerging technology like
VR can be daunting,” said Jason Paul, general manager of emerging
technologies at NVIDIA. “We’re working with trusted partners worldwide to
simplify the buying process with a GeForce GTX VR Ready badge that will let customers
quickly identify PCs or add-in cards that are capable of handling the demands
of VR.”
NVIDIA® GPUs are at the heart of the VR ecosystem and are
powered by the award-winning NVIDIA MaxwellTM graphics architecture, which was
created with VR in mind. In addition to powering fast framerates, it includes
unique VR features, such as support for NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading, which boosts
performance by up to 50 percent while maintaining image quality and reducing
NVIDIA provides the fastest performance and lowest latency
for VR experiences through a combination of its Maxwell-class GTX GPUs, NVIDIA
Game Ready Drivers and its software tools for developers, NVIDIA GameWorksTM VR
and NVIDIA DesignWorksTM VR.
Support from PC
The world’s leading PC vendors are participating in the GeForce
GTX VR Ready programme. “As trailblazers in gaming and graphics, Alienware
and NVIDIA are committed to providing great turnkey VR experiences. The
programme will guide customers to the products that will delight them.
Maxwell-based GPUs are a great match for VR experiences, and cards like the
GeForce GTX 970 help Alienware PCs set the industry standard.”
— Frank Azor, general manager, Alienware
“NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX VR Ready programme makes VR easy
and enjoyable. NVIDIA is helping to lead the industry forward. Its
Maxwell-powered graphics cards provide the horsepower and low latency needed
for VR. And its GameWorks VR platform provides developers the necessary tools to
create the next bestselling VR game of the future.”
— Wallace Santos, CEO and founder, MAINGEAR
“VR has traditionally been reserved for desktops, but
NVIDIA has given notebooks such as the MSI GT72 Dominator and GT80 Titan with
GeForce GTX 980 the necessary punch to bring virtual experiences to life while
on the go. NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX VR Ready badge makes identifying VR capable
machines easy and guarantees a fantastic and immersive gaming experience.”
— Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America, MSI


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