GIGABYTE has officially announced its first step into the portable solid-state storage market by releasing the VISION DRIVE external SSD.


Utilizing the USB 3.2 Gen2x2 interface with Type-C port, the heart of the device unit lies a piece of 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD with the good-old high-grade Phison E12 flash controller that achieves a blazing 2GB/s read and write speed. With ample space and built with durable materials, writing data into it surely generates a ton of heat but with the 2 independent nano carbon heatsinks plus vents located at the side and bottom of the case, so that definitely helps the cooling department in addition to the shock and drop resistance of up to 1.22 meters provided by the casing.


The white matte color surface provides a fingerprint-proof through daily use while integrating seamlessly into the VISION line of products which are all about simple yet elegant designs tailored specifically for creators or anyone going for the minimalistic look. On the other hand, the protective casing is made of leather with a trim design to emanate a contrast with the device for a designer feel. On a side note, an upgrade kit is available which is an expansion card that allows the user to plug the external SSD into a compatible motherboard to enjoy the full benefit of PCIe lanes and its speed.

The VISION DRIVE SSD only has one storage capacity for its first wave of release which is 1TB at RM850 while the upgrade kit will cost you an additional but optional RM100.

Grab the rest of the information such as full specification on its product website.


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