Geometric Future, known for its stylish and innovative take on PC chassis design, has released the new Model 2 ARK mATX case.

Geometric Future Model 2 Ark (3)

The folks over there prepared lots of flexibility to accommodate all sorts of user preferences with up to 8 modes/layouts to help users fit in parts of sizes from varied GPU thicknesses of up to 350mm, to either mini-ITX/mATX motherboards with mounting distance adjustable from the top mesh panel in addition to CPU air cooler as tall as 172mm and radiator up to 360mm.

The SFX/ATX PSU can be adjusted to be horizontal or vertical while the rear I/O can be made facing the top part so that more fresh air can be drawn in from the side panel.

Geometric Future Model 2 Ark (5)

Mesh Edition buyers can enjoy the exclusively designed 360-degree all-around mesh panels for even better thermal performance. With up to six 120mm fans on 2 adjacent brackets and one 120mm top-mounted, get all the air you want to chill off that beastly CPU/GPU.

Geometric Future Model 2 Ark (6)

To enhance the premium chassis experience, the Model 2 ARK package will come with an external I/O hub for more devices and also a double-sided tablet mat for more style points.

Price and Availability

The Geometric Future Model 2 ARK is available for purchase right now at the following price:

  • Black / White @ USD169
  • Luxury @ USD269

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