The first thing before starting thinking of being a video game tester is knowing that employers will always have a lot of expectations from you. There are a lot of skills and education you are required to be conversant with for you to qualify for the job. There are those who have always wished to become game testers, but they lack the knowledge on where to start.

To initiate with a game tester is someone who works with video production companies to help in testing video games before final versions are released to the public. Apart from knowing the best cheap gaming laptop, any prospective video game tester must always have a lot of knowledge on video games and the specific skills on how they should be played. In this article we are going to discuss more on basic Games You Should Know If Planning to Be a Gaming Tester.

monster hunter world game tester

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World, this is one of the most basic games that every game tester should know. The game was released back in January last year and is compatible in almost all play station boxes including PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. In this game, all you are required to do is track down monsters. To work your way up the game, you are supposed to properly upgrade your weapons though there will always be directions on how to best go through it. The fun in the game is usually achieved by finding out the best combat style and quest strategy to send newer players in the game into a dino monster slaying adventure.

marvel spider man game tester

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is another bundle of joy that is very basic for anyone thinking to become a video game tester. The importance of this game is a lot of skills that it exposes you to as most of the testing games make use of these skills. In this game, all you are expected to do is overrun with bad guys without getting hurt. The basic thing with knowing to play this game is the many controls it exposes you to. Being an expert in this game gives you all the qualifications needed to play any other video game.

red dead redemption 2 game tester

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, this is one of the games that can help you a lot in acquiring artistic skills. The game is one of its kind that its creation depicts the real-life situation in hunting and fishing. In the game, you are supposed to use legendary animals and use of rare weapons and never-ending crossfire challenges. This is a game conversant to many people, and therefore it is among one of the most basic you will be asked about when looking for a position as a video game tester. For instance, through your knowledge of the game, the gaming company will be very sure of your ability to load short guns and also a revolt against open world norms.

God of War game tester

God of War

Released in April last year, God of War is one of the basic games that will be used to test your ability to keep playing for long hours. In this case, the game requires one to play for a satisfying 30 hours to beat your enemies and opponents in the game with the use of weapons you will be required to upgrade as you proceed to showcase your skills up to the game. In this case, if you need to pass the test for a chance at a game tester, then make sure you are conversant with this particular game.


In as far as we would discuss on the basic games you should know before becoming a video game tester, it would also be important to be very conversant with some of the important steps that can help add more credit for the position. To initiate with, it will always be important to examine yourself on whether a game tester career is right for you. If it is, then proceed to complete a degree in a related field.

More to this, it would be important to source for important tools that would help you in the gaming career including gaming systems and consoles. With all these, you can then work on creating a resume with additional education, and you will be sure to win your way for the position.


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