EC-Council, creator of the iconic Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)® credential, is introducing a first of its kind Cyber AI Toolkit free for all of its certified members. Designed to empower its membership base of certified cybersecurity professionals, the Cyber AI Toolkit equips members with cutting-edge AI-enabled cybersecurity courses at no cost, helping them be better prepared for today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape in the advent of AI. This highlights EC-Council’s commitment to driving standards and advancing global cybersecurity readiness.

The Cyber AI Toolkit, which features 14 hours of online learning, 74 premium videos, and 90 assessment questions, provides EC-Council members practical insights and hands-on experience in tackling AI-driven cyber threats. This innovative program provides real-world scenarios and lessons curated to advance an organization’s cybersecurity readiness while enhancing the skills and rapid response for cybersecurity professionals.

In Malaysia, the cybersecurity landscape has faced significant breaches and a growing market for solutions. In 2023, Malaysia was ranked as the eighth most breached country, with government sectors suffering the most data breaches. Telecommunications companies also experienced substantial data leaks, exposing over 400GB of sensitive information, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and professional training (The Star) (CNA) .

The Malaysian cybersecurity market, valued at approximately USD 900 million in 2023, is projected to reach USD 1.3 billion by 2027. This growth is driven by increasing digital transformation and the need for robust cyber defenses. Government initiatives, such as the National CyberSecurity Strategy 2020-2024, aim to strengthen national resilience against cyber threats (The Star) (CNA) .

Jay Bavisi, Group President, EC-Council, highlighted the importance of equipping cybersecurity professionals with AI knowledge, “As threat actors increasingly weaponize AI to develop more advanced attack techniques, it is imperative that we provide our community of members with the necessary tools and knowledge to counter these threats. By offering this tool kit for free we are bridging the AI Chasm by enhancing global cybersecurity standards and advancing continuous skill development.”

The Cyber AI Toolkit responds directly to findings of the latest EC-Council C|EH Threat Report 2024 based on transformative insights gathered from more than 1,000 industry professionals. The report revealed that 83% of cybersecurity professionals have observed significant shifts in cyber-attack methodologies attributed to AI. 80% of organizations have embraced multi-factor authentication as a cornerstone of their defense against escalating cloud threats. Equally crucial is the report’s emphasis on continuous training, recognized by 82% of respondents as pivotal in enhancing incident response readiness, and over 70% of participants identify zero-day exploits and social engineering as primary threat vectors.

This stark reality revealed by EC-Council Threat Report 2024 often referred to as the “AI Chasm,” highlights the disparity between advancing AI-driven cybersecurity solutions and the evolving tactics employed by threat actors.

With the Cyber AI Toolkit, EC-Council is committed to shaping the future of the cybersecurity industry. From the inception of the CEH program to the introduction of AI-enabled courses and now the Cyber AI Toolkit, EC-Council remains dedicated to democratizing cybersecurity education and equipping professionals worldwide with the skills needed to safeguard digital landscapes effectively.

For more information on the Cyber AI Toolkit and enrollment details, certified members are encouraged to visit the ASPEN portal.


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