For those people who love playing online games, looking for tricks to help them have a better experience in their game is something fundamental. An example is looking for faster connections or accessing games that are blocked in your region.

How to improve the online gaming experience?

An online gamer faces several difficulties in his game. If his connection is not adequate, he will take a long time to connect and some phenomena will appear that will make it very difficult to play concentrated and correctly.

The excellent news is that there are tips to improve that experience. The most widely used one for PC is to connect through a VPN. With the VPN you will be in a private network that encrypts your traffic and hides your IP and therefore will provide you with several benefits.

Benefits of Using a VPN

Let’s talk about the advantages of using a VPN connection for games.

Unblocking Geo-Restrictions

Maybe it happened to you at some point that you wanted to play a particular game, but it was blocked for your country. This is because the creators place certain restrictions so that not everyone can connect.

Sometimes the restrictions are set by your own country. Whatever the circumstance, when you connect through a VPN they won’t know which country you are connecting from. This is because the IP is hidden and when you click on the VPN you have the possibility of choosing the country from which you want to connect.

Imagine that the creators of the game have servers in Tokyo or London. You could tell the VPN that you are in that location and so, when you connect to the game, it recognizes that region and allows you to play online.

Reduction of latency and ping

Two of the phenomena that occur frequently when playing online games are ping and latency. Ping is the time it takes for your connection to connect to the server, i.e. the time between sending and receiving data. On the other hand, latency is the result of ping. When the latency is over 100 ms, it means that the game experience will very poor. Due to that, you will very uncomfortable while playing online games.

When you make use of a VPN for PCs, what you achieve is to reduce the ping and therefore also the latency. As a result, you will no longer have the problem of the game suddenly crashing, slowing down, and not being able to react from one screen to another.

Protecting your data

When playing online, there are several personal data are exposed. In many forums, it has been talked about that some hackers have accessed the data or bank accounts of people who were playing online. This is mainly due to the fact that the servers of these games have some vulnerabilities that leave players exposed.

To avoid this problem, when you connect through a VPN like Surfshark you are protecting your data. This is because it will encrypt both the IP that you connect to and any type of browsing or downloading of information that you perform.

Thus, neither the creator of the game nor your Internet provider or any other person will really know what you are doing or how. You will play with peace of mind knowing that your digital identity is protected.

Improve your connection speed

There are some internet providers that have a speed limitation. They don’t really offer you the speed you contract or if they do, at a certain time of the day it is reduced. This is because they place certain barriers on the connection.

By using a VPN for online games, you will not have this speed problem. What the VPN will do is eliminate this blockage, since your Internet provider will not know your IP or where you are browsing. Therefore, you will not have the barrier that many of their users face.

Having a fast connection is essential to play online and is one of the usual reasons why many players cannot access the game through their consoles or devices. You will leave behind any kind of interruption and concentrate on having fun and winning the game.


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