Discord has just announced that they have increased their file size limit from 8 MB to 25 MB for free users. This might not seem a lot but this is still good news for active users who often share larger files with their friends or community members and they can rely less on other file hosting services.

Discord file size limit 2

While I’m not exactly excited about this update as there are alternatives like Guilded that offer a whopping 500MB file size limit to free users, active Discord users will still probably be happy with this. With this update, free users will probably see the 8MB file size limit warning less often.

I do, however, encourage you to give Guilded a try if you haven’t already, as I can see quite a number of new features Discord has implemented in recent months are pretty much the same as what Guilded has to offer.

If you still prefer Discord over Guilded and are very likely to share something that is more than 25MB on a frequent basis, you’ll have to sign up for the paid plans like Nitro Basic that offer a slightly higher 50MB file size limit for $2.99, or the premium Nitro plan that offers 500MB file size limit at $9.99. Of course, there are other perks such as having multiple server profiles, and using stickers or emotes from other servers if you sign up for the paid plan.

To take advantage of the new file size limit update, you just need to update your Discord app to the latest version. You can also check out the official announcement from Discord here to learn more: https://blog.discord.com/free-file-size-limit-increased-to-25mb-1a6f0b9a4c6f


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