Der8auer, renown overclocker from Germany has recently delided the much hyped AMD Threadripper 1950X CPU in one of his recent video, showing that the IHS are actually soldered to the CPU die. 

The video has been taken down from public view on AMD’s request after going viral in the enthusiasts community, but this means that you do not have the option to delid the Threadripper CPU.

Unlike Intel, trying to get away with cheap TIM on most of its CPU, the AMD Threadripper has its IHS and CPU die soldered together. So, there’s no point of taking the risk of killing the CPU in the deliding process.  
Instead of having two 8-core CPU die as what we have expected initially, the photo of the delided CPU shows that the Threadripper has a total of 4 CPU die on it. With the 4 CPU die configuration matching the AMD EPYC Naples CPU with 4 Zeppelin dies, this indicates that the Threadripper CPU could be an underperforming Naples CPU.

It is unclear if the disabled cores can be activated just like the AMD Phenom II X3, but we can’t overlook the possibility for AMD to do so in the future on their X399 motherboards. Of course, there are possibilities of those ‘extra’ CPU die are actually structural support that has no processing capability. 


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