Organisational growth and complexity may make manual management of the day-to-day business, IT, and security tasks more difficult. Automation and operational tools help you get more done in less time and with fewer resources, whether those resources are people, money, or something else entirely. The most effective businesses in today’s highly technical environment are those that welcome automation and useful operating tools.

One manner in which automation systems help to simplify processes is by removing mundane, repetitive chores that people find difficult to keep up with. Similarly, operational tools aid in setting goals, allocating resources, forming partnerships, and sharing progress.

But it’s not always simple to choose the correct tool for the job.

Despite the widespread use of technological tools in business, it may be difficult to identify those that would best serve your organization’s specific requirements. In this piece, we’ll help you narrow down your options and highlight the best automation and operational technologies available to back up your IT and business processes.

Tools For Rapidly Growing Businesses

Communication, collaboration, process management, financing, order fulfilment, customer service, and so on are just some of the many company tasks to think about while expanding operations. Operations teams who want to streamline their procedures, eliminate tedious manual tasks, and achieve tangible results quickly have access to a wide variety of robust software solutions.

  • Password Managers

We surveyed operations managers at rapidly expanding companies to get this list of the top software: The two most popular password managers are LastPass and 1Password, while Keepass is another option.

Creating and managing passwords, storing secrets, and authenticating to websites and SSH terminals are all regular tasks for administrators. Use a different password for each service you have controlled. LastPass, 1Password, and Keepass are just a few of the premium and free password management services available. Password management may be automated and scaled by connecting the password manager to your directory.

  • Text Editors: NotePad++/Sublime/Notion

One of the primary duties of an administrator is to update various types of files on a regular basis. Notepad and TextEdit, the default text editors, are simplistic and lack efficient features such as support for multiple file formats, language-specific syntax editing, file diff for comparing and contrasting document contents, and many more. NotePad++ and Sublime Text Editor are two excellent, cost-free choices. The ability to automatically save files, search and copy text, and toggle the automatic pairing of quotes or brackets are all examples of automated behaviours.

Notion is an app that allows you to take notes and organise your thoughts and ideas in one convenient location. It’s a fantastic resource for both private and professional endeavours due to its user-friendliness and feature set. Notes, to-do lists, and kanban boards are just some of the tools you may use in Notion to keep yourself on track. Sharing notes and suggestions for projects with others is also possible. If you want to keep track of your ideas and collaborate with others, then you should check out “Notion.”

  • File Transfer Tools: WinSCP and FileZilla

Administrators want a safe, effective, and (hopefully) simple method for doing tasks such as troubleshooting, collecting logs, and moving payloads to and from a device. Command line and terminals can do all of this, but graphical SFTP clients like WinSCP and FileZilla provide a simpler and frequently free alternative. In addition, it is sometimes possible to automate functions like file transfers and synchronisation.

  • IT Service Management Tools: ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based service for IT service management. In addition to the Service Graph Connector for Automox, this business offers IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), IT business management (ITBM), and other management services that help users keep track of their projects, teams, and customer interactions. By easily connecting to any system and automating common operations, ServiceNow’s automation engine facilitates streamlined workflows.

  • Project Management: SmartSheet/Trello

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform for teamwork and collaborative projects. Smartsheet is another cloud-based application that facilitates collaboration between an organisation and external users like contractors and freelancers to develop, manage, and share projects, tasks, and procedures. Smartsheet allows you to personalise automatic alerts and requests so that you and your team always get timely, relevant messages.

Trello is an online platform for managing projects and staying on top of tasks. Trello is a project management tool that allows you to create boards for organising your work, lists for keeping track of your tasks, and cards for monitoring your progress. Cards may have notes and files attached to help keep everyone on the same page.

  • Human Resource (HR) Software: Worksuite

For businesses of any size, Worksuite’s cloud-based platform streamlines the processes of finding, hiring, supervising, and compensating freelancers and contractors. The software can keep tabs on things like how well a project is doing and how much money is being spent on services. Worksuite may help you save time on HR tasks by automating things like worldwide payments, invoicing, and onboarding processes.

  • Team Communication Tool: Slack

Slack was established in 2014 as a proprietary suite of cloud-based tools and services for team communication. Slack has been widely used as the main means of communication for many distributed teams. Users of Slack may conduct video chats, exchange files, and send instant messages to one another.

  • Automation Tools: Zapier/AI Bots

Zapier is a web-based programme that lets users link their preferred applications and create “zaps” to automate mundane chores. Users of Zapier may automate mundane chores by linking their applications together in the form of workflows (known as “Zaps”). A user might set up a zap so that whenever a new lead is added to a CRM, that lead is also added to a mailing list.

AI bots like Qumas Ai are the best example of business automation tools that help simplify hectic business operations related to trading. These bots facilitate the execution of complex trades by implementing advanced trading strategies on behalf of a trader.

  • Project Collaboration Tools: Hive

Hive is a piece of project management software that allows real-time task and project collaboration amongst users. Task management, group work, file sharing, and more are just some of the functions it provides. Take advantage of this no-cost introduction to Hive.

Intercom is a software development business specialising in CRM and CX solutions. Its bread-and-butter offering is customer relationship management software, which aids organisations in keeping tabs on customer information, fostering relationships with customers, and measuring marketing and sales performance.

  • Document Automation Tool: PandaDoc

The sales and marketing departments may benefit greatly from using PandaDoc, since it is an effective document automation solution. PandaDoc is a centralised platform for document creation, editing, and tracking. Teams may improve their processes and complete more transactions with the help of PandaDoc’s real-time insight into the status of documents and analytics.


Automation may help you save both time and money, and the correct tools can help you reduce the number of solutions to just about any problem. While some companies have been utilising these tools for years, others are only now getting on board. However, it is already obvious that automation will play a significant role in the future IT strategy of every business. The trick is picking the correct tool (or group of tools) and learning how to utilise them to address your organization’s unique challenges.


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