More than 180 startups, investors, and venture capitalists participated in the second series of Cradle Circle by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) which provided a platform for founders to present their pitches and for potential investors and players in the startup ecosystem to connect and share insights.

Cradle Cirlcle Investor Startup Meeting

Acting Group CEO of Cradle, Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke highlighted that Cradle Circle aimed to facilitate pitching sessions and to foster networking and collaboration among various stakeholders other than empowering startups to present their business solutions. The event also provided the startups with the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts.

The first session, led by Cradle’s Legal team, titled “From Legal Limbo to Investor Bingo: Cracking the Code for Startup Success” discussed challenges that startups face while dealing with matters such as funding, compliance, and investor appeal. It also outlined a detailed strategy to handle these problems and maximize fundraising success. The second session, titled ‘Failures among Startups’ was led by startup founders involving the sharing of their experiences and the challenges they faced throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

“Cradle Circle is an excellent channel for startups to present their products in a collaborative and inviting environment, supporting growth and empowering fresh ideas. “We expect this event to work as a strong catalyst for growth, providing businesses with the connections and recommendations they require to thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment,” elaborated Norman.

Juliana Jan, Cradle’s Senior Vice President of Grant and Investment, expressed her gratitude towards the ecosystem’s overwhelming support and involvement in the second series of Cradle Circle. This year’s event promoted more collaborations among stakeholders within the ecosystem, which is in line with Cradle’s mission to build stronger relationships and to overcome obstacles that startups frequently face.

“We are delighted to see the positive impact that this event inculcated on the participating entrepreneurs, as they could pitch for fundraising, as well as have access to legal and HR guidance. We look forward to integrating more enriching activities in the upcoming round of Cradle Circle, providing the thriving startup community with even greater support,” said Juliana.

Below are the startups that participated in the pitching session:





Heytech Sdn Bhd is a job-matching platform powered by a matching algorithm to enable production houses to list jobs and hire talent directly. On the other hand, talents can access all the jobs and apply directly with production houses. As a result, it accelerates the acting talents recruitment process and saves cost and time.


ACS Pentas (Asia) Sdn Bhd

A 100% Malaysian technology company, providing a B2B2C e-commerce marketplace for discounted, guaranteed genuine auto spare parts for European car brands. The platform brings importers, dealers, stockists, independent workshops, and car owners onto this digital marketplace where genuine auto parts are sourced and sold value-for-money.



e-CoB is an online system designed for the Commissioner of Building to assist related stakeholders in managing, monitoring, and rating housing schemes.  The system also records Stratified Building Management Index (Indeks Kualiti Pengurusan Bangunan Berstrata) with star rating management.


Nonivasi Care Sdn Bhd

The proposed solution is a non-invasive, portable, wireless system to diagnose and monitor lower back pain rehabilitation progress remotely. The base technology is EMG, where the muscle signal at L4-L5 lumbar region is captured during an intervention and recorded.


Pandai Education Sdn Bhd

Pandai is an educational application that helps students learn through continuous academic exercises. They provide constant content such as daily quizzes, topical tests, and sample exams aligned with the national curriculum.

Pandai is ranked the number one (1) education app in Apple App Store and Google Play.


Valuing IP Sdn Bhd

Valuing IP Sdn Bhd aims to democratize Intellectual Property (IP) – valuation services by developing an easy-to-use and subscription-based IP Valuation software to generate valuation reports instantly.


BlueDuck Sdn Bhd

Blue Duck Tech Sdn Bhd offers the fastest growing zero deposit solution to replace traditional rental deposits with an insurance scheme. The solution addresses the gaps and needs in the property rental market where tenants would like to save upfront, and landlords are shifting their focus on rental cash flow.


Life Origin Sdn Bhd

Life Origin is a biotech company that converts selective organic waste into insect protein, biofuel, and organic fertilizer. Life Origin will collaborate with UCSI and UPM to develop a Koi feed formulation to promote growth, digestibility, immunity, and pigmentation.


CoKeeps Sdn Bhd

CoKeeps platform is the independent 3rd party facilitating digital asset activities in the capital market through custody and tokenization services. The CoKeeps Wallet removes the need for users to store private keys anywhere and do not store user credentials in a centralized database which makes it insusceptible to hacking.


SpaceIn Sdn Bhd

Spaceln Sdn Bhd is developing a picosatellite for loT communication via satellite communication to tackle the issues faced by the loT industry, such as poor communication in remote areas, the high cost of satellite communication, and regulatory hurdles.

SpaceIn teamed up with Alba Orbital to launch Malaysia’s 1st pocketqube via SpaceX in Quarter 4, 2023 as an in-orbit tech demo for IoT constellation.

Building on the success of the second round, Cradle will continue its dedication in offering valuable guidance and mentorship to the next generation of startups with a holistic approach to assist them in every possible manner.

For more information about Cradle and how to get funded, startups and ecosystem players are encouraged to log on to


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