Crooks have been making a tons of fortune from fake goods for the past decades, not just from fake designer gears, but tech products as well. We’ve seen counterfeit Intel CPU making its way to Amazon, as shared by overclocker ZERO_DAN from China back in April 2018. These early batches of counterfeit Intel CPUs can distinguished by its funny looking packaging and the fake label on the IHS of the CPU, or at least that’s how it was previously.

The latest case of counterfeit Intel CPU was spotted on (aka Fat Flower by the locals), a renown trading platform for used goods and was brought up by overclocker Lau Kin Lam from Hong Kong in his recent post. According to Lau Kin Lam, the counterfeit Intel Core i7-8700 CPU doesn’t comes cheap at all and both the CPU and the packaging are so well made, as if it’s the official packaging of the actual product.

intel i7-8700K 8th gen fake counterfeit CPU (1)

Based on the photos uploaded by Lau Kin Lam, we can see that the box alone is already looking pretty legit – no funny looking fonts nor description on the box.

Now if you look at the CPU, although the color of the PCB looks rather suspicious, the IHS and its label does looks surprisingly legit. As of now, we can only make a rough guess that the IHS could have been taken from an original Intel i7-8700 that is either factory defect or rejected units and attached to a PCB that doesn’t have a CPU die on.

There’s a good reason to believe that this could be mass produced and is already made its way to the market, because you’ll definitely need the proper tools and equipment to fake the contact points and the components on the base of the CPU.

Looks like things are getting tougher for users who wishes to get their hands on used Intel CPU, as it’s getting harder to distinguish these counterfeit Intel CPU by day.

(Source: Lau Kin Lam)


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