This year’s CyberFusion is undoubtedly the largest ever, with an estimated total of 600 participants joining this annual grand event. Cooler Master, as one of the co-sponsor of CyberFusion 2015 brought up something different this year with an added maker spirit to the event. 
As soon as you enters the hall, you’ll see the first surprise from Cooler Master. A booth, dedicated for the latest MasterCase 5 and a live modding session that will take place in this very hall. 
On the left of the booth is the MasterCase 5 on display, with most of the parts disassembled to show its impressive modularity that hasn’t been seen on many of the PC chassis available on the market, as well as its upgradeabilty for the coming future. 
On the right side of the booth is the live modding zone, where the renown local modders from Mod’n’Go Design does their job. When we arrived at the booth, a rig belongs to the lucky winner of the ‘Pimp My Rig’ Makeover got his CM Storm Trooper modded for free.
Irie Ahmad, founder of Mod’n’Go design is preparing his props for the live modding.
The extreme makeover session, completed.
It didn’t take long for the President of eSports Malaysia, Dato’ Latt Shariman Abdullah to notice the booth. Dota’ Latt paid his visit to the Cooler Master live modding booth, showing great interest in the local PC modding scene.
In collaboration with ASUS Malaysia, representatives of both brought along their system in various themes that is modded by Mod’n’Go Design. 

First in the line, is the ASUS Strix themed build, presented by Farhan from Era of the Geeks. This build represents the Strix itself, the silent hunter that strikes with deadly precision, meant for gamers who prefers the higher end swag. 
Up next is the ASUS Pro Gaming themed build, presented by us. The Pro Gaming line which is meant for budget oriented gaming setup, meant for those who wants to enjoy decent gaming experience with a limited budget.

The La Ferrari by Shahz from, the big daddy rig for the enthusiasts who wants to enjoy every single drop of raw power from the highest end components available. The La Ferrari comes with automobile grade paint finishing and the famed prancing black horse of Ferrari.

Up next is the MEKA V2 from Mod’n’Go Design themselves, showing the crowd of what the MasterCase 5 is capable of. Aside of built with mechanical like theme, the MEKA V2 itself carries another hidden message which Mod’n’Go wants to present to the crowd – MEKA, which is how the word maker is pronounced in the Japanese accent.

Aside of the rigs from the representative, our dear friend from brought his personal modded MasterCase Pro 5 to show his love for the MasterCase itself. Above is the AMD red themed build, which comes with a custom GPU backplate and PSU cover made by goldfries himself. 
The 2nd build from goldfries, the NVIDIA green themed build that comes with a custom green PSU cover and the top panel that is lit with green LED.

Our friend Shah from brought his personal mod as well, featuring the MasterCase 5 with a touch of blue LED, along with a fancy looking CM Storm robot in his system.

The 2nd build by Mod’n’Go design, the red themed mod which is the opposite of the blue themed build from
And last but not least, the one and only watercooled build with the MasterCase 5 done by the custom PC pioneers at, showing just how well you can do with what has been ready made into the MasterCase 5. There’s plenty of space for all the fancy rigid tubes, reservoir and other essential parts for watercooling setup!