Cooler Master today announces its new MWE series power supplies for users on a budget. There new energy efficient and economical MWE series power supplies supports the latest hardware that is currently on the market and it comes in a total of 3 models: 400W, 450W and 500W.
The idea was to produce an affordable power series with the durability, reliability, and stability needed for extreme circumstances. The MWE PSU is an affordable choice for consistent power due to its active PFC and forward topology. Wide-ranging input voltage tolerance means the MWE PSU will deliver reliable output power, even with inconsistent input voltage. These power supplies can withstand voltage spikes and protect your system from brownouts. Testing has shown that the MWE PSU can successfully operate at maximum outputs while under the strain of 40°C operating temperatures.
“We want to make PC building accessible and affordable while still providing quality products worldwide,” said Ron Classen, Director of Product Marketing for Cooler Master’s Power Solutions Division. 
With a three-year warranty, the MWE series is supported within Cooler Master’s global service network. The MWE PSU series is intended to be the most widely distributed and attainable power supplies under the Cooler Master brand.

The MWE series power supplies are now available at the following MSRP from Cooler Master Authorized Reseller and Online Retailer:
  • MWE 400 : RM 169
  • MWE 450 : RM 189
  • MWE 500 : RM 209

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