Kingmax has been a strong brand in the memory module industry in particular for the past few decades. In this year’s Computex, Kingmax announces its new products which to our surprise, has nothing to do with any memory module – Introducing the AirQ Check and Alcohol Check mobile health device.
AirQ Check
AirQ Check is Kingmax’s pocket size air quality detector that helps to detect harmful gases around you and it works with Android smartphone with OTG support. Individual who are very sensitive with air quality around them might find this a useful tool to own as they can check for the surrounding air quality easily without having to purposely carry around a dedicated air quality detector.  
The AirQ Check comes with an app that can be downloaded from Goole Play Store. User can select the type of environment they’re currently at (a small room, a wide open area, etc), followed by plugging in the AirQ Check for initialization. 
According to Kingmax, air quality is at its best if the detection shows a result of 60 or below on the scale and anything that goes beyond 200 is considered health damaging. Based on the scale, user can determine whether the environment they’re currently in is harmful to their health and take proper action to tackle the situation it if it really does. 
Alcohol level checking devices is a tool that is commonly used by the officials to fight against drunk driving and Kingmax has planned to take an initial step to push that directly to the end user in a thumbnail sized microUSB OTG device, Alcohol Check. 
Similar to AirQ Check, the Alcohol Check comes also with an app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The initialization will take around 60 seconds for each detection and the screen is prompted with a police man if the individual is not in the good condition to drive. The app offers another feature that allows you to configure for an emergency contact number if the individual is labelled as drunk. 
Both device will be available in the market starting from July 2016 with MSRP of $50 each for supported Andriod smartphones. Kingmax has also mentioned that the development of both AirQ Check and Alcohol Check for Apple devices is in progress and but did not disclose its exact date of release.