CDNetworks, a leading provider of edge-as-a-service solutions in the Asia Pacific region (APAC), announced a significant upgrade to its digital network in South and Southeast Asia (SSEA). This upgrade includes a 10 Tbps capacity increase, aiming to significantly enhance internet performance for businesses and consumers across the region.

Building a Robust Network Backbone

The 10 Tbps upgrade builds upon CDNetworks’ existing 100% network coverage in SSEA. This, combined with the strategic deployment of 10 new local scrubbing centers, strengthens their position as a leader in CDN (Content Delivery Network) performance throughout the region.

Expanding Reach and Collaboration

The upgrade leverages partnerships with over 80 local ISPs (Internet Service Providers). This collaboration allows CDNetworks to expand their network by building new Points of Presence (PoPs). By the end of 2024, they aim to surpass a total of 220 PoPs, covering all ASEAN member states, South Asia, and the South Pacific Islands. This significant expansion ensures a robust and reliable CDN across SSEA, leading to a vastly improved digital experience for businesses and users alike.

Antony Li, CDNetworks’ Global Head of Infrastructure, emphasized the transformative potential of this upgrade for the SSEA digital economy. He highlighted its role in empowering businesses to excel in the digital age.

Shaping the Digital Landscape with Local Expertise

Headquartered in Singapore with over two decades of experience in SSEA, CDNetworks offers a comprehensive local support framework. This framework combines cutting-edge infrastructure with local operation teams and customized solutions, helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Dedicated country managers, strategically placed offices, and a global support center in Malaysia form the core of their local operations. This focus on regional needs has secured the trust of various industries, including e-commerce, gaming, travel, and media & entertainment.

CDNetworks goes beyond simply enhancing online user experiences. They actively work with businesses to optimize their digital strategies. Through close collaboration, they are forging a unified digital future for SSEA, solidifying themselves as a key partner in the region’s digital transformation.


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