Canon Malaysia has recently closed off the National Camera Day event by hosting a content creation workshop at Utama Farm which we had a chance to attend.

Canon National Camera Day 3

With the theme of ‘Farm to Table’ going around, the sustainable urban farm prides itself on pesticide-free vegetable farming and antibiotics-free aquatic breeding as well.

Canon’s new products including the PowerShot V10, EOS R8, and EOS R50 are lent out to attendees to try out their performance, capabilities, and variety of functions while taking a tour and visiting different spots of the premise.

Canon National Camera Day 4

The brand also worked with meal kit delivery service Freshable which makes the process of making meals a breeze by letting us take pictures of the food from various angles.

Canon National Camera Day 1

Lastly, photos taken are automatically entered into a little contest with the best entries selected by the Canon team and prizes are given out to those skilled photographers.

Needless to say, the workshop is a success in helping to bridge the gap of knowledge and awareness of self-sustainable farming in Malaysia while learning about the latest offerings from Canon.


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