The reality of traveling is that there are risks involved, and it’s important to be aware of these so you can protect yourself. Your unfamiliarity with a culture or language could potentially lead to unpleasant experiences with others who may not have your best interests at heart. It’s important to educate yourself on the common travel scams in order to recognize them if they are attempted against you. So guard yourself against potential pitfalls by doing plenty of research, being informed, and being alert, but don’t deprive yourself of all the incredible things traveling has to offer.

What are 10 tips to stay safe while traveling abroad?

How can you stay safe in another country? You need to be extra careful and know the typical tricks of scammers. The following tips will help you.

#1 Taxi and Tuk Tuk

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences when it is done right, but there are unscrupulous drivers who take advantage of unsuspecting travelers every day, overcharging for fares and taking them to places where they get a commission for bringing business. To protect yourself from taxi and tuk-tuk scams, it’s important to first use only official licensed services from trustworthy sources. Try calling for a licensed taxi or hailing one from an official rank, ensuring you know how much the fare should be in advance. If traveling by tuk-tuk, ask your accommodation if they can recommend someone reliable. Be firm but polite about where you want to go and if the driver doesn’t want to take you there, politely decline their offer and find another one.

#2 Money Changing

Money-changing scams can be frustrating and costly, so how can you avoid them? When exchanging money, check that you have been given the correct amount of change before leaving the exchange booth. Pay close attention to the denominations accepted as many currencies have bills that look similar in color and design. It is important not to accept torn, worn, or damaged notes as it can be difficult to get rid of them later. Financial institutions offer services for travelers where your purchase will be accurate and reliable another way to protect yourself against money-changing scams.

#3 Fake cops

Fake cops appear to be quite prevalent, so how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim? Most of the time, these scammers will ask for your personal ID and then issue you a phony fine. Never give them your ID or pay any fines on the spot. If they are uninformed and appear to be legitimate authorities, it’s wise to ask them for their ID in return. Instead of handing money over, insist that you’ll go to the police station to deal with the matter appropriately.

Another way to avoid scammers is to call the police station. You will be able to verify the legality of the actions of the police or confirm your fears. Only you will definitely need a call recorder app iPhone. If you use a call recorder like iCall you will have proof. We hope you won’t need this proof, but it’s better to take care of it in advance. Just download iCall Recorder before making a call and you will be more likely to protect your rights. Play the recording through the call recorder at the embassy or real police and you will be sure how lawful the actions of law enforcement agencies are. Another plus is that the application has a free trial version.

#4 Beware of obsessive people

Knowing how to avoid being scammed is an important part of traveling. Many con artists will approach tourists offering helpful advice or inviting them to a place, but the intentions behind this are always suspicious. For example, in Lee’s experience arriving in Delhi, he encountered someone who tried to give him the wrong directions in order to get him to visit a travel agency which they’re likely affiliated with. It’s crucial that you’re aware of how to protect yourself against such misleading behavior – often simply trust your gut instinct and you won’t go wrong!

#5 Rental Scam

In today’s world, rental scams are a common occurrence. Whether it’s a rental car in Jamaica or a bike in Singapore, travelers must be mindful of how to make sure they stand up for themselves and avoid being taken advantage of by shady operators. The best way to ensure that you are never faced with this kind of scam is to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you rent it and take pictures of any existing damage that may have been present beforehand. Once the hire operator has seen these photos, it creates evidence that you’re not responsible for any damages that may occur during your rental period, protecting yourself from overpayment demands when you return the item. To further protect yourself from unscrupulous practices, have all agreements written down and always keep a copy for your records; then if something seems off, you’ll have all the proof that you need to stand firm and fight back against rental scams. The same applies to hotel rentals, here is one of the telling stories.

#6 Fakes instead of souvenirs

When seeking out authentic local handicrafts and goods on your travels, it’s important to consider things like who has crafted the item and how sustainably sourced the materials are. Unfortunately, scams exist in numerous places around the world where tourists can purchase what appear to be locally-crafted items that turn out not to be authentic at all. These mass-produced items are often created by workers in poor working conditions earning low wages. To avoid being scammed, it’s wise to research how to shop for souvenirs ethically and sustainably before hitting the town.

#7 Avoid ‘very good’ deals

It can be difficult to avoid being scammed, as many of them start by offering something that looks too good to be true. If it seems suspiciously cheap or free, then it’s probably just a ploy. Greed is an emotion that scammers often exploit, so if you start to feel tempted by what you are offered, take a step back and properly evaluate the situation before rushing into anything. A great example of how not to act can be seen in the Gem Scam in Bangkok. There they offer high-quality real gems at discounted prices and sell them off with the promise of huge profits; however, this is usually just a lie and the buyer will find themselves having wasted their money on nothing but fake stones.


Now you know more about how to avoid scammers when traveling. By following the advice above and being mindful of potential scams, travelers can ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable adventure. From playing the recording through call recorders to researching ethical souvenir shopping habits, these simple steps will help keep your travels stressed.


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