Pro-modder Suchao Prowphong (aka Autobot Chao) from Samut Prakan, Thailand, is a renown figure in the PC modding scene for his work on scratch builds that involves high detail complexity and with extreme precision in every last detail.

The Strix Soar Sky mod is one of his finest work back in 2014 and it has been featured on the PC modding section of ASUS Republic of Gamers’ website and was named the best scratch build at VModtech’s Asia LAN Party 2015.
Gaming notebooks modding isn’t really a new thing in the modding scene and in fact, there are quite a few interesting mods from modders around the globe and Suchao himself has a recent project that involves a gaming notebook as well, the ASUS Republic of Gamers G752 Gaming Notebook, inspired by the current hotly anticipated third-person shooter game, Gears of War 4.

According to Suchao, the ASUS ROG G752 is a beautiful gaming notebook and it’s not easy to come up with an appropriate design that doesn’t overshadow but to further enhance the original beauty of the gaming notebook itself.

Producing a suitable design isn’t easy, let alone putting each parts together. The work on paint job and proper shaping of the saw blades, guns, blood, skull logo cutouts has to be done with caution, as a slight mistake will result in an undesirable result and has to be reworked to get everything perfect. 
The design is inspired by the weapon and armor of the protagonist in the game Gears of War 4, with an added flavor that hints to original story line of the game – which all the Gear of Wars fan would really understand. Custom cutouts to match the original rear design of the ASUS ROG G752, brushed Aluminum textures on the surface, extremely detailed airbrush paint job are some of the notable traits of Suchao’s work that displays his determination to go full on and deliver the work with his best effort.
To find out more on Suchao’s Gears of War 4 mod, kindly visit his Facebook profile here for its worklog, or his official Facebook Page for its gallery.

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