CyberFusion 2015 is no doubt the largest ever throughout the CyberFusion history, with an estimated amount of 600 participants in total. Things got a whole lot different this year, not only because of the growing crowd but also the participating sponsors as well.

ASUS Malaysia as one of the co-sponsor for CyberFusion 2015, has brought some unexpected elements to the event. Instead of having just a booth for displaying their product like what we’ve seen in the past, ASUS has taken the PC PIY approach to reach the crowd.

ASUS secured the booth which located much nearer to the arena,which is much more accessible by the participants. 
A lucky draw event is taking place! Participants are required to answer few questions that is related to the lucky draw prize to earn themselves an entry to the lucky draw. Participants gathers at ASUS’s booth to learn more about the GTX 950, the prize of the lucky draw.
The ASUS crews briefing participants on the features available on the GTX 950.
A participant showing his support at ASUS’s booth.
Moving towards the arena, we’ve spotted a rather special corner with the ROG ARX DeskPC. We later learnt that Cooler Master Malaysia is collaborating with ASUS Malaysia to setup a special corner for the community power users.
Each of the themed build here were all Cooler Master’s Master Case 5 that has been specially modded by Mod’n’Go Design, a local PC customization company founded by renown modder, Irie Ahmad or better known as Iren Modz.
The one and only ROG ARX, a lucky CyberFusion 2015 participant gets to game on this powerful beast throughout CyberFusion 2015! The desk is made by VectorPC, a local custom DeskPC manufacturer that has made its appearance in these recent years.
The Strix themed build, equipped with the highest end ASUS Strix gaming peripherals and a Strix GTX 980Ti. Meant for gamers who has the budget to go for more that the average. 
The Pro Gaming themed build, equipped with the middle end Strix gaming peripherals, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and a Turbo GTX960. Meant for gamers who has limited budget on their build, but still wish to get a little extra juice from the machine itself with a minor overclock.  
The mac daddy rig of the entire corner, the La Ferrari. The nobleman rig uses extremely powerful components such as Intel i7 5960X Extreme Edition, ROG Rampage V Extreme, NVIDIA GTX Titan X that is meant for the enthusiasts who desires for more power which cannot be delivered even by the latest i7 6700k.
If you’re not really into carrying heavy stuff all the way from your home to a LAN Party, here’s a very good alternative for that, given that you’re not playing any graphically demanding games like WatchDogs, Crysis 3, etc.

The ROG GR6 is a light weight compact gaming system powered by an Intel i5 5200U CPU, NVIDIA GTX960M GPU, a total of 8GB RAM that is actually plenty much enough for most popular MOBA games that is commonly played during LAN Party.

Reporter from Astro Awani interviewing one of the power user to get more insight of what’s the ROG ARX is all about.
Shahz from happily presenting the La Ferrari to the CyberFusion Participants who stopped by to give this beast a check.
Here’s some participants trying out the capability of the La Ferrari, only to be amazed by its awesomeness. You can see that through their expression of course!
A surprise event by ASUS Malaysia and the power users at the ASUS power user corner, a time attack PC parts assembling mini competition.
Shahz, briefing the participants on the rules, requirement and some insights of what PC DIY is all about.
Participants trying their best to complete the build, but they have yet to find out the toughest part – how to boot the system when the motherboard doesn’t comes with a power on switch?
10 of the fastest participant of the time attack PC parts assembling mini competition get themselves a ROG fan kit sponsored by ASUS. 
The main highlight of the ROG kit! The limited edition ROG robot that can only be obtained by pre-ordering a ROG Maximus VIII Impact or ROG Maximus VIII Extreme!