Just a few years ago, we came across the latest computer science technology called Artificial Intelligence (AI). Despite its young age, it has now taken the world by storm, with its applications being seen in almost every industry. Little by little, it attracts the community to try to use AI technology, even though it still needs some improvements.

One of the most exciting and rapidly growing areas of AI is the development of chatbots, which can converse with humans in a way that mimics natural language. Recently, another area where AI started to make significant strides is in the world of art.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the two trending AI platforms people are looking for. One is called Aichatting and the other one is ArtGuru AI art generator from text. These two platforms are quite unique and are very worth trying.

Aichatting – A First-rate AI Chat

AI Chat 01

Leveraging AI technology, Aichatting is a developed chatbot platform that can converse with users in a natural and human-like engaging manner. It is designed to increase the efficiency of human beings, as it can answer various inquiries you’re seeking for. For instance, you might want to know “what is the capital city of France?”, simply type in the question and wait for a few seconds. It will answer you in a short and concise way.

We mentioned it in a short and concise way since it is built with a natural language processing (NLP) engine that allows it to understand and respond to human language in a way that mimics human conversation.

Apart from using it as an inquiring tool, it can also act as your friend to pass your boredom. It can respond to any of your chats. Thus, if you’re bored and have no friends to chat with, find Aichatting. For instance,  you can type “Hi, I’m bored, can you play a game with me?”, it will definitely provide a game to play with you. Amazing, isn’t it?

And of course, this platform is available for free for anyone without limitation. It also has a very modern official website of AI copywriting & ai chat and sleek interface so that you can access it easily. Here is how you can utilize it:

Go to the on your browser. Once the page loads, insert your inquiries in the white box and press enter. It can take up to 10 seconds to answer your inquiries.

ArtGuru – An Excellent Artwork Generator

ArtGuru, on the other hand, is an AI platform that focuses on the world of art. This type of platform is indeed still quite scarce in the market. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze images and identify patterns, allowing it to generate art that mimics a certain style.

This AI technology is designed for art enthusiasts, collectors, or even random people who are curious about art. Specifically, it divides the tools into two. The first one is called AI Images, while the other one is AI Aniself.

Let’s explore AI Images first. As it sounds, this tool can generate an image using the given keywords. It even has the advanced settings feature to custom the size of the image you want. In total, there are three choices to choose from, namely square, portrait, and landscape. Simply type in the keyword’s image as specifically as possible, e.g. “a baby sleeping in a stroller in the middle of a field”.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open your browser and visit Artguru AI art generator website
  2. Hit the ‘Create AI Image’ button.
    AI Art Generator 01
  3. Once it loads, insert the keywords on the “Describe your image” box, select the image’s size (optional), then hit the ‘Create AI Image’ button. It may take up to 10 seconds to load.
    AI Art Generator 02

Subsequently, let’s dive into AI Aniself. Aniself itself stands for an animated avatar of yourself. It allows you to create an avatar of yourself by uploading your selfies as well as animating any other photos you uploaded. Similar to AI Images, it is equipped with advanced settings that allow you to specifically describe the style you want for the image, for example, an avatar in a modern, traditional or any other style.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Similarly, open your browser and navigate to  https://www.artguru.ai/.
  2. Hit on the ‘Create Aniself’ button.
    AI Art Generator 01
  3. Upload any selfies or photos by tapping on the + button, then insert the criteria you want for you avatar, and hit the ‘Create Aniself’ button. Wait for less than 10 seconds and it will generate your avatar.

AI Art Generator 03


Wrapping up, these two platforms are definitely the two platforms you might not realize that you definitely need. They can help you in various ways in your daily life and thus, increase the efficiency of your time.

Aichatting for personal chatting and ArtGuru for your creativity. Try it now or you’ll FOMO later on.


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